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    America's Old Cold Warriors
  Restart Their Cold War with Russia

                      Obama and Hillary Are Mere Puppets
              of The Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street
                                                                           by William Schmidt, Ph.D.

             American Pothole Humor

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Republican condemnation of Public Spending except on the military
              has reached ridiculous levels.
   It was not this way in 1925 or 1955
              when Republican Presidents launched massive national highway

                           Obama and Hillary - Prisoners of Cold War Thinking

              Why do the Democrats not fight back?  Why does the
              President not make the neglected infrastructure a much bigger issue? 
              He and Hilary are too busy starting a new cold war with Russia and
              finding new ways to snoop on Americans who might disagree with
              or blow the whistle on his paranoid "national security" programs.


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                American politicians forget the Basic Right of Self-Determination
                            and prefer to project their own Imperialistic motives to the Kremlin.
                           With American worker-consumers mostly very underpaid, the mega-corporations
                           desperately need to conquer overseas' markets to sell their unsold goods.

               OBAMA boasts - "Russia Doesn't Make Anything".

  Unmindful of how foolish, how arrogant, how childish and how unnecessarily
                   provocative his words seem to millions of Russians, Obama told the London Economist 
                   that Russia "doesn't make anything".  He thereby implied that Russia can easily be
                   brought to heel by united Europeon and American trade sanctions. Talk like his
                   is wantonly incendiary.  It shows Obama is dangerous, foolish, uninformed.  He
                   is a mere puppet of cold warriors, the military industrial complex  and Wall Street.

                   To make his point, he added: "Immigrants aren't rushing to Moscow....
                   The life expectancy of the Russian male is around 60 years... (and) the
                   population is shrinking,"  Obama is deluded.  His data is out of date. 
                   It refers to the era of the rich oligarchs under Yeltsin. 

Russia has strong, net positive migration:

                  Russia experiences a constant flow of immigration. On average, close
                  to 300,000 legal immigrants enter the country every year; about half are
                  ethnic Russians from the other republics of the former Soviet Union. There
                  is a significant inflow of ethnic Armenians, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz and Tajiks
                  into big Russian cities, something that is viewed unfavorably by some citizens.
                  In addition, there are an estimated 4 million illegal immigrants from the ex-Soviet
                  states in Russia.

                  Fact: Over the last decade life expectancy in Russia has significantly increased:

Russia - Life expectancy at birth

Date Life expectancy Life expectancy - Men Life expectancy - Women
2012 70.46 64.90 76.30
2011 69.66 64.00 75.60
2010 68.86 63.10 74.90
2009 68.70 62.80 74.70
2008 67.90 61.80 74.20
2007 67.50 61.40 73.90
2006 66.60 60.40 73.20

                    Fact:  Russian Population is now rising

                   But why would our President speak so categorically of a whole nation?
                   Why would he express such conempt for the productive power and creativity of
                   150 million Russians?  Why did he go out of his way to try to hurt their pride?  
                   Why would the President of the United States want to insult the people of any
                   nation, especially one with nuclear weapons, submarines and inter-continental
                   missiles? Is he crazy? What possible reason could he have to allientate a
                   still, very powerful nation. 

                   We should be working with the Russians to curb terrorism, to control Syria and to
                   contain the tide of Islamic Jihadism.  What's wrong with Obama?  Is he crazy?
                   What's wrong with being polite and diplomatic?  Why be so provocative?

                   He and Clinton and Kerry all seem to want a truly stupid, new Cold War
                   in order to justify to the American taxpayer the spending $700 billion a year
                   on still more weapons.   Sure, this trio of "corporate liberals"are simply
                   puppets of Lockheed, Boeing, General Dynamics and Wall Street... With
                   the winding down of the war in Afghanistan, they figure that a new war must
                   quickly be started or the American people will start to question why we
                   need to spend as much as the next 10 largest countries do on their militaries.

                   But I think there more to the story.  Obama's words are so ridiculous
                   and so hypocritical, he is acting very much like a crazy person.
   He utterly
                   forgets how little America itself now makes. Try buying an American hammer
                   at Home Depot!   Most everything there is stamped "made in China". 
                   Try buying an America-made shirt or pair of pants.  And when Americans
                   want to go into space now, they must use Russian rockets and the Russian
                   Space Station.  Russian makes very deadly missiles, MIGs and tanks.  Each
                   one of them, America must match at great expense. 

                   So, why insult all Russians?  It just makes Obama and his whole Administration
                   seem utterly childish, petty, provocative and STUPID. 
  That he does not
                   see how absurd he sounds, surely shows how much the stress of the job has
                   gotten to him.   Many have remarked how his hair is rapidly turning white.
                   He looks much older than he did just two years ago.  More important, listen
                   to him talk.  Each time he speaks about a substantive issue, he sounds like
                   he did in his first campaign debate with Romney.  Have you noticed that
                   he no longer holds news conferences?  He finds it harder and harder to express
                   himself cogently, clearly and relevantly on complicated subjects.  Worse?
                   When he talks about Russia, he seems delusional.  The Crimea and South-Eastern
                   Ukraine have been Russian since the 1780s.  If the Russians living there want to
                   join Russia, what business is it of ours?

                   Worse still?  he absolutely disprespects the millions who voted for him.  His
                   latest words make a mockery of his campaign pledge to use diplomacy to
                   heighten international understanding and promote good will.  Like an uneducated
                   dunce, he tosses out blanket pejoratives and national stereoypes and abandons
                   his campaign promise to have meetings and conversations with all foreign leaders
                   to find solutions to mutual problems before they become crises.

7/28/2014          OBAMA SHOULD BE IMPEACHED!

                   But not for the frivolous reasons the Republicans give! 

                   Obama has just stabbed in the back the millions who voted for
                   him thinking he would honor his pledge to protect the Eastern
                   Seaboard against Oil Exploration and Drilling.  What's worse?
                   Last week his Administration announced that the Atlantic Coast is
                   open now to Oil/Gas Exploration using horrific new sound-blasting
                   technologies to explore and map possible deep-water oil deposits. 

                   The oil/gas industry calls them
"sonic canons".  Towed behind a boat,
they send out sound waves 100-1000 times more deafening then jet engines
                   every 10 seconds.
   The Administration even admits that this is a death
                   sentence to large populations of whales, dolphins and sea turtles...
                   It reckons that "only" 140,000 whales and dolphins will be harmed. 
                   First the whales and dolphins will be made deaf.  Imagine their terror
                   and pain.   Then in great agony, they will die.


                   Whales and dolphin depend upon hearing to communicate and
                   to find food.  Obama has willfully sentenced them to an excruciating
                   Death.  They are highly sentient beings.  They are vital to
                   the whole ocean's health.  As humans, we should be stewards,
                   not cruel destroyers of Nature and Wild Life.  

                   Did he really think that we would not notice this decision?  Or does
                   he just not care how betrayed we fell?  How much did they pay him? 
                   Does he not remember ridiculing the "Drill Baby, Drill" crowd?  Has he
                   no shame?  What will he do next?  Allow more nuclear reactors to
                   be built on active fault lines?  I shudder to consider by what calculus
                   he now makes decisions.  Perhaps, he is going insane.  How else
                   can we explain this wanton and unexplained cruelty?  An Administration
                   capable of such cruelty to dolphins and whales is an Administration
                   that could also cruelly and violently turn on its own citizens!  The
                   Republicans are right.  Obama is too dangerous to be President.

                   He has betrayed all the Democrats who do stand for something.
                   Clearly he does not!    Why should the general public now ever believe
                   a Democrat again?  He clearly is a smug, arrogant, socio-pathic
                   pretender.   And what about all the minorities who were so proud of him.
                   How confused and betrayed they, too, will feel when they learn of his
                   cruel new anti-environment and anti-wildlife policies.  How terribly he
                   has let us all down!  And why has the mainstream corporate media been so
                   quiet about this betrayal of those who would protect defenseless wild-life?                     

                   This is easily the single greatest act of political perfidy I can
                   recall as an adult.   What will be the reaction of  the youth?  idealistic
                   young people that supported Obama in his campaigns will surely
                   feel crushed.  Their first reaction will probably be despair.  Some will
                   opt out and not participate in the political process for a long time. 

                  But I hope others will feel outrage and anger.  These energies can be
                  positively re-directed.  My suggestion.  Get even!  Make him pay for
                  this terrible betrayal.   Deny him the Presidency.             

                   Join Greenpeace and help them fight Obama's willful killing of
                   whales and dolpins.  

                   ---> Act now to stop this Murder of Dolphins and Whales.

                         More to read:
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Why The FED's Task Is So Difficult Now.

                 Central now in seeking to understand the Fed, the stock market
                 and the US economy is to appreciate how pre-eminently powerful
                 are   the Big Banks on Wall Street.  There can be little doubt about
                 this now.  The camouflage is gone.  The smoke and mirrors have
                 been taken away.  They run Washington and, both Republican and
                 Democrat Parties.

                         1) When the 2008 bailout of big banks occurred, it seemed to me
                 that the US politicians were openly admiting and confirming
                 the theoretical correctness the Marxists who claimed high finance
                 ran everything, including Washington.  There was no free market
                 place for them.  They got trillions.  There was the emergency
                 $800 Billion.  And the Fed loaned trillions to the banks in return
                 for the worthless mortgages they had written.

                        2) Later Congress, President Obama, the Fed and the SEC
                 all refused to strictly regulate derivative financial instruments despite
                 their role in the Crash of 2008.

                        3) The big banks that were to big too fail have gotten much,
                much bigger under Obama.   They were not broken up.  They
                were not made to decide whether they wanted to be brokerages
                or public banks. 

                       4) The Public's Deposits are now in more jeopardy than
                even because of the way the FED has financed the post 2008
                big bank securities', bonds' and derivatives' speculation as the
                Fed bought their long-term mortgages.

                      5) Surprise. surprise. No big banker went to jail despite their
                 blatant fraud and insider trading.  Obama's Eric Holder openly
                 achnowledges that the biggest bankers are above the law.
                 Pursuing criminal charges against any of the biggest bankers
                 would hurt investor confidence too much, he says.

                     6)   So the rich on Wall Street have gotten much richer and
                 the poor much more numerous.  This is exactly what Wall
                 Street's Elite wants.

                 Is it any surprise then that the US Economy suffers now from a
                 huge UNDER-CONSUMPTION PROBLEM.  Demand in the US
                 is nowhere near big great enough to satisfy Wall Street's quest
                 for markets and big profits.  American workers are just not paid
                 enough to buy what corporations want. 

                 The FED knows all this, but they can do nothing about it.  And if they
                 could do something, Wall Street would probably not let them.
                 The only solutions are Public Works, Tariffs, Taxes on the Wealthy
                 and a great Re-Distribution of Wealth from the 1% to the 99%.

                 90 years ago the English economist John Hobson warned
                 how underconsumption borne of wealth inequality was the
                 leading factor causing Depressions, financial busts and
                 Wars of Imperialsim.  His ideas influenced a great many famous
                 followers, from Keynes to VI Lenin.  To learn more read here.

When productive capacity grew faster than consumer demand, there was
                      very soon an excess of this capacity (relative to consumer demand), and,
                      hence, there were few profitable domestic investment outlets. Foreign
                      investment was the only answer. But, insofar as the same problem existed
                      in every industrialized capitalist country, such foreign investment was
                      possible only if non-capitalist countries could be “civilized”, “Christianized”
                      and “uplifted” — that is, if their traditional institutions could be forcefully
                      destroyed, and the people coercively brought under the domain of the
                      “invisible hand” of market capitalism. So, imperialism was the only answer."

                    Based on Hobson's ideas and also how the same big Bankers 
                    cynically financed both the Central Powers and the Allied sides,
                    Lenin wrote that the most advanced stage of capitalism was
                    when the Capitalism was run by monopoly finance capital.
                    While I'm no Leninist-revolutionary elitist, this idea does seem
                    to describe who is at the top of the capitalist hierarchy now.

                   I can't imagine the Mainstream Media talking about all these
                   factors and the unbridled power of Wall Street, too. 

                   But the FED knows about them and they know who they really
                   must answer to.   So somehow they are expected to prevent
                   another financial panic, avoid a stock market bubble still make
                   the Wall Street moguls happy.  This is not going to be easy.
                   For one thing, Wall Street has created lots of hugely profitable
                   leveraged derivatives.  But if a down-market comes, they make it
                   much easier than it was even in 2008 for momentum investors to
                   switch quickly and forcefully into very big and very leveraged
                   short positions without the need to wait for an up-tick or borrow
                   stock.   This is very dangerous.  The speed of the next bear market
                   will probably be much greater than in 2008.   

                   The depth of the decline could be much worse, too, since the 2009-
                   2014 economic recovery seems woefully inadequate for most
                   Americans.   Suddenly if the rich drastically cut back their
                   discretetionary spending in the next Financial Panic (which is
                   exactly what should be expected) and the Federal Government
                   does not pursue compensatory massive public works' programs
                   (because the House of Representatives is held by conservative
                   Republicans), there will massive Under-Consumption problem.

                   So, the FED's challenge now is also how to avoid a financial crash
                   (like in stocks 1928-1929 created by UNDER-CONSUMPTION,
                   precisely, how can they prop up the market, yet prevent an even bigger
                   artificial bubble and still allow the market healthy corrections of
                   excesses.  In effect, they must micro-manage the stock market.
                   History does show the leading DJIA it needs periodically to drop
                   back 10% and go sidewise for many months to allow each subsequent
                   advance to be on a firmer foundation.  Can the FED really do this
                   and also still strengthen the US economy?   

                   Very doubtful.  The recovery is so fragile and so artificial.  
                   The under-employment and low real wages cry out for stimulus
                   and re-direction of Wealth.  But Wall Street want profits and big
                   bonuses; and the Fed must listen to Wall Street.  It's the
                   same thing with the Wall Street- favored policies of "free trade"
                   and "free capital-flow".   Jobs keep being lost as manufacturing
                   jobs and capital are outsourced.   Obama, Wall Street's Democratic
                   puppet, is utterly silent on trade issues, like the Korean dumping
                   of steel in the US.   Yet somehow the FED must not let the real
                   US economy based on manufacturing close shop entirely.
                   I think theirs is an impossible task.     

                   How can they resolve all the economic contradictions posed
                   by a Wall Street controlled economy and still be loyal to their

                   Fed officials are smart. They must know how how dangerous
                   not to prevent too big a "consumption gap" as occurred in 1928-1929.
                   This is when workers are too poor to buy all the goods produced, so that
                   prices and then corporate profits fall producing a CRASH.

                   Unfortunately, the system always demand more profits and the
                   best way to make more Wall Street profits are these 5 things:
                           1) Lower and lower paid wages,
                           2) Exporting more jobs and manufacturing overseas,
                           3) Monopolization.  The corporate buy outs of competitors.
                           4) Wall Street hyping the stock market,
                           5) Wall Street and Corporate control of American politicans.

                   Though It's easy to see the contradictions inherent in a Wall Street
                   dominated economic system.  But Wall Street does not want to
                   be reformed.  And Wall Street runs the FED. 

Where Will The DJI Go?
                                  The FED Is Afraid To Allow Any Market Decline.
DATA.BMP (948054 bytes)
                   Meanwhile, it does seem as though the FED is afraid of allowing a
                   10% correction in the DJI.  They are afraid that all the contradictions
                   and the negative momentum would quickly take control.  But a
                   market that only rises poses very big risks.  When finally a decline
                   of more than 10% occurs it can be the beginning of a collapse.
                   That was certainly true in January 2008.  See below.  So, another
                   super bear market may lie ahead if the FED does not better control
                   the market's advance and let it be punctuated once in a while with
                   healthy corrections.  So, far their twin policies of low interest rates
                   and maximum transparency and predictability have served to produce
                   a market that is more and more over-extended by many historical

DATA0708.BMP (972054 bytes)


                                               See http://tigersoftware.com/TigerBlogs/November3-2008/index.html

We recommended CMG here when the stock was under $50 in December 2008.
                                Now it's over $600.  Wall Street is happy.  But the workers there are not.
                                They are paid less than $8.70 an hour while the two co-CEOs have paid
                                themselves $18-21 million/year since 2011.  Shareholders should take
                                notice that customer complaints are becoming much more common,
                                too, epsecially about CMG's over-charging.  This is a big change from
                                the way I was treated back in 2008.  It's just no fun eating in a place
                                when you have to squabble for a fair portion at a fair price. 

5/1/2014        Paul Krugman's Seminar on Recessions at Princeon.
Seminar Materials and Lecture Notes (free)     Bio     Blog http://www.krugmanonline.com/
    4/21/2014   The Blood of Ukraine is now
                              on Obama's Hands!

                  Obama's new and dangerous COLD WAR WITH RUSSIA comes at the
                  a high price as peace and democracy in the Ukraine look more and more
                  remote.   So does cooperation with Russia in other matters,
                  such as developing anti-terrorist approaches and finding a way
                  to take the chemical weapons away from Assad in Syria.

                 Princeton Russian scholar, Stephen Cohen, warned today that the probability
                 of an all-out Ukrainian civil war is high.   In this, America is threatening Russia
                 so directly that it there is great risk for us.  The entire Anerican media says
                 this is all Putin's fault.  But it has been NATO which keeps placing its
                 missiles closer and closer to Russia's borders, despite its pledge in 1990
                 that it would not do this.  Now it is the West which has pulled the deeply
                 divided Ukraine apart and played a key role in overthrowing the Yanukovych
                 government, which though corrupt was, in fact, duly elected. 

                 What's worse? The US has apparently chosen to back the extreme
                 right-wing, openly Fascist  Svoboda Party.  Cohen warns that if an
                 all-out civil war breaks out, the moderates will disappear and there
                 will be much worse violence. 

                 Russian speaking Eastern Ukrainian separtists are now using the very
                 same techniques the Kiev fascists used to topple the government
                 there.   Masks, bullets, molotov cock-tails, fires, occupation of
                 government buildings.   The US has spent $5 billion in over-throwing
                 the Yanukovych government.  How much more money must Obama
                 waste on another war and fighting a half a world away?  He just has
                 no back-bone. He can't say "NO" to the neo-Cons who control him
                 like a puppet.


                Back in 1990, the US promised Gorbachev that if East and West Germany
                united and joined NATO, there would be no more Eastern expansion of
                NATO.  This was quickly violated as each American President moved NATO
                missiles closer to Russia.   How else but as part of an aggressive anti-Russian
                US strategic plan can Putin see this?       

2 March 1999  Czech Republic
29 March 2004  Bulgaria
1 April 2009  Albania

   America played a key role in bringing about the coup in the Ukraine.
                A leaked tape shows how involved deeply the US was in the over-throw
                of the democratically elected government there.  Obama's Administration
                now is clearly quite prepared to embrace the fascist Svoboda Party
                as the main force in the new Ukraine Government.  This is tragic,
                deceitful and immoral considering what America should be standing for.
                It is a formula for civil war.  Fascism is a highly charged fear in Russia
                where 20 million  died in World War I because of Fascism.
                 The US and the CIA have staged many such coups. 
                 Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Chile 1973 were among the most flagrantly
                 anti-democratic.   Millions died as a result.   So another coup by the US
                 should not come as much surprise.  It, too, comes at a great human cost.

                 The Ukrainian Coup was all planned quite openly. 

 In September 2013, one of Ukraine’s richest oligarchs, Viktor Pinchuk,
                       paid for an elite strategic conference on Ukraine’s future that was held
                       in the same Palace in Yalta, Crimea, where Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill
                       met to decide the future of Europe in 1945...

                     "The participants included Bill and Hillary Clinton, former CIA head General David Petraeus,
                       former U.S. Treasury secretary Lawrence Summers, former World Bank head Robert Zoellick,
                       Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt, Shimon Peres, Tony Blair, Gerhard Schröder,
                       Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Mario Monti, Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaite, and
                       Poland’s influential foreign minister Radek Sikorski.  Both President Viktor Yanukovych,
                       deposed five months later, and his recently elected successor Petro Poroshenko
                       were present...''

3/25/2014     Crimea? Russian Aggression?  Not really.

                       Obama and Kerry Are "Lying Through Their Teeth",
                       So Are America's Corporate Media, just as they did
                       in the march to war with Iraq over imaginary WMDs.
                       Once you see this, it makes you wonder what else
                       they are misleading us about.  

                            Kerry's Deception and Bald-Faced Cozenry

withkitties_150_120.jpg (31724 bytes)     Quotes from Paul Craig Roberts, Ph.D. - Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
     for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. Columnist
     for Business Week and Scripps Howard News Service.

     If you want to learn the part of the story Americans typically never hear,
     Roberts' website is a healthy antidote to what passes as journalism
     in America.        

     His background: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Craig_Roberts

 "What has happened in Ukraine is the United States organized
    and financed a coup.

  "And the coup occurred in Kiev, the capital. Either from intention or carelessness,
   the coup elements include ultra-right-wing nationalists whose roots go back to organizations
   that fought for Hitler in the Second World War against the Soviet Union. These elements
   destroyed Russian war memorials celebrating the liberation of the Ukraine from the Nazis
   by the Red Army and also celebrating Gen. Kutuzov's defeat of Napoleon's Grande Armée.
 "So this spread a great deal of alarm in southern and eastern Ukraine, which are traditionally
   Russian provinces... Both of these Russian areas have been part of Russia for longer than
   the United States has existed...

 "(In re-joining Russia, these people) ...followed the same legal steps; the same UN procedures,
   the same international court procedures.  So everything that has occurred is strictly legal.
   And when John Kerry and Obama say the opposite, they're lying through their teeth.
   It's just blatant, shameful, bald-faced lies. This is not debatable or a question of opinion.
   It's a matter of law." 

What Lies Behind the Media Blackout on the truth about Crimea?

 "A very important part of it has to do with something that happened toward the end of
    [Bill] Clinton's second term. He permitted five mega companies to consolidate the
    formerly independent and dispersed US media. What were once independent networks
    like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, they all became cogs in a larger media empire. The value
    of these big media companies is their federal broadcast licenses: They can't go against
    the government and expect them to be renewed.

   Another big change is these media companies are no longer run by journalists.
   They're run by corporate advertising executives and former government officials.
   And their only interests are protecting the net worth of the company and the flow
   of advertising revenues.
So there is not an independent media. It cannot take positions
   on any important issue contrary to the government's propaganda."  

"A similar thing happened with the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. It was a lie
    told over and over. And everyone repeated it. The New York Times didn't even go
    to the weapons inspector we sent to Iraq, Hans Blix! Instead, Judith Miller repeated
    a lie endlessly in the pages of the newspaper. It reflects a total lack of integrity. One
    of the main reasons for this is that many of them know they cannot tell the truth,
    otherwise they'll be fired. They know it's pointless to take a story that contradicts the
    President or the Secretary of State or the CIA or the NSA to the editor. He or she will
    look at you and say 'What are you crazy? Do you want to get us both fired?' So they
    simply don't bother.  It's quite a corrupt milieu, and it must be deadening to the soul.
    But that's what it is to be a mainstream journalist today."

     (Source: http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/03/21/truthout-interviews-pcr/ )

What is American Fascism?

     Subsequenly, the best article I have found on American Fascism was published on
     http://rt.com/op-edge/158904-us-fascists-right-sector-alliance/    It's hard to deny
     how much fascism the US Government has regularly promoted in Latin America
     and from time to time here at home.  The author's conclusion is that it is the pressure
     for profits from Wall Street that ultimately drives it.  You judge...

     Consider the answer given by VP Henry Wallace back in 1940.
     His answer still applies.

"A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance
     toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as to make him
     ruthless in his use of deceit or violence to attain his ends. The supreme god of a fascist, to which
     his ends are directed, may be money or power...

    "The perfect type of fascist throughout recent centuries has been the Prussian Junker, who developed
     such hatred for other races and such allegiance to a military clique as to make him willing at all
     times to engage in any degree of deceit and violence necessary to place his culture and race
     astride the world ...

     "The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of
     public information. With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public
     but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money
     or more power.

     "They claim to be super-patriots, but they would destroy every liberty guaranteed by the
     Constitution. They demand free enterprise, but are the spokesmen for monopoly and
     vested interest.  Fascism in the postwar inevitably will push steadily for Anglo-Saxon
     imperialism and eventually for war with Russia."


     Fascism Has A Long Tradition among
     Some of Most Well-Known Big Bankers
     on Wall Street 

Part 1
>>> 1934 - Did you know that certain Wall Street planned a
  Fascist coup against FDR in 1934?  When was the last time
  the American corporate media talked about this?

Mussolini and Hitler got much backing from rich Italians
  and German corporations, whose leaders feared the Depression
  would cause a government of, by and for the people would
  challenge their opulence and the system of class advantages
  that they depended on.  FDR created the same fears with
  his 100-days.  More than anything else, it was FDR's taking
  the US off the Gold Standard that caused a clique of wealthy
  US bankers to plan a military coup against FDR.  Major General
  Smedley Butler was their pick to lead the coup and establish
  a dictator.  He was quite charasmatic.  Conservative General
  MacArthur praised him lavishly.  He had led expeditions into Central
  America to enforce American imperial control there to increase
  profits for American plantation, telegraph, oil and mining
  companies.  So Wall Street industrialists trusted him.

     In 1935, Butler rued:
"I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests
      in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City
     Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen
     Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. The record of
     racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international
     banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-12. I brought light to the Dominican
     Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras
     "right" for American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see
     to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.... Looking back on it, I
     felt I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to
     operate his racket in three city districts. We Marines operated on three

  His popular support of the Veterans' Bonus Army made him
  one who the big bankers thought would be readily trusted by
  a broad range of Americans.  So, in early July 1933, Butler was
  invited to be the leader of what amunted to a military coup
  to oust FDR. 

  "The Committe for a Sound Dollar" representatives
  wanted him first to speak to the American Legion's Council
  condemning FDR's departure from the Gold Standard.  Butler

found out that the speech was written by 1924 Democrat
  Presidential Candidate, John Davis, who in 1934 was atturney
  for JP Morgan.   Butler demanded to speak to the moneyed
  individuals behind this plan.  In September,  Singer Sewing heir,
  Robert Sterling Clark, laid out the plan for him to lead a veterans'
  coup.  He stated to Butler that he would be glad to spend half
  of his fortune to protect the other half. 

  Butler feined interest in this bankers' coup  to learn who was
  behind it.  He was told to look to the new Liberty League's
  supporters:  JP Morgan, Dupont, General Motors, Democrat Al Smith,
  Democrat John Davis...  Butler saw that this would be a formidable
  political force.  He had a Philadelphia reporter secretly
  learn more of this group's fascist intentions to subvert
  FDR and Democracy.   Butler was to be the "man of the
  White Horse" Weapons could be acquired from Dupont and
  millions more could be obtained from JP Morgan.   

  Butler a patriot, was disgusted by these Fascists.  He
  "went public".  A Congressional hearing in the matter soon
  followed.  But the men who had approached Butler on behalf of
  the Liberty League totally denied his allegations.  One of main
  conspriators. Gerald McGuire, a Wall Street bond trader with
  connections to JP Morgan soon died of "natural causes" at 37.   

In the end, the Congressional Committee investigating the matter,
  decided not to require any leading bankers or industrialists to testify
  and FDR decided not to challenge the Wall Street and call
  them "fascist traitors".   His mission was to reform Wall Street
  not to make war with them.  

See (1) 
Jules Archer (1973). The Plot to Seize the White House:
        The Shocking True Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow FDR
        Skyhorse Publishing.
               (2)   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTdx6vEUtIA                    
               (3) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_Plot
               (4)   http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/coup.html
               (5) See
Part 2   

Wall Street Big Banks Funded Mussoline and Hitler in Their
Rise to Power.

Fascists on Wall Street play important roles in supporting German and
  Italian Fascism's rise to power. 
       JPM Morgan's partner, Thomas Lamont, arra ged a $100 million
loan for Mussoline in 1026.  He became JP Morgan's CEO in 1943.
      Rockefeller's Standard Oil of NJ, and ITT,   In 1947, US Judge Charles
Clark ruled rhT "Standard Oil can be considered an enemy national in
b=view od its relationships IG Farben after the US and Germany had become
active enemies.
     Orenee DuPont loved Hitler.  He was onbessed with his racist principles.
In 1926, DuPont advocated a race of super men. 
   ( http://www.larouchepub.com/eiw/public/2011/eirv38n41-20111021/16-18_3841.pdf    )

Part 3
War Is Very Profitable.   Trading with The Nazis.

    George Walker Bush, Avrell Harriman and Dulles Brothers

"George Herbert 'Bert' Walker, a native of St. Louis, who founded the banking
         and investment firm of G. H. Walker and Company in 1900. Later the company
        shifted from St. Louis to the prestigious address of 1 Wall Street. .... Walker was
        one of Hitler's most powerful financial supporters in the United States. The
        relationship went all the way back to 1924, when Fritz Thyssen, the German
        industrialist, was financing Hitler's infant Nazi party. As mentioned in earlier
        chapters, there were American contributors as well.

"Some Americans were just bigots and made their connections to Germany
through Allen Dulles's firm of Sullivan and Cromwell because they supported Fascism.
The Dulles brothers, who were in it for profit more than ideology, arranged American investments
in Nazi Germany in the 1930s to ensure that their clients did well out of the German
economic recovery. "

"Young George was in flight school in October 1942, when the U.S. government
charged his father with running Nazi front groups in the United States. Under the
Trading with the Enemy Act, all the shares of the Union Banking Corporation were
seized, including those held by Prescott Bush as being in effect held for enemy nationals.
Union Banking, of course, was an affiliate of Brown Brothers, Harriman, and Bush
handled the Harrimans' investments as well.

"Once the government had its hands on Bush's books, the whole story of the
intricate web of Nazi front corporations began to unravel. A few days later two of 
Union Banking's subsidiaries -- the Holland American Trading Corporation and
the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation -- also were seized. Then the government
went after the Harriman Fifteen Holding Company, which Bush shared with his father-
in-law, Bert Walker, the Hamburg-Amerika Line, and the Silesian- American Corporation.
The U.S. government found that huge sections of Prescott Bush's empire had been
operated on behalf of Nazi Germany and had greatly assisted the German war effort."

Brown Brothers, Harriman was another bank that specialized in investments in Germany.
Despite this, Averill Harriman.was a leading Democrat for many years. e then. http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/randy/swas5.htm.

 Part 4
Setting up and Supporting Fascist Dictatorships around The World
to Aid Wall Street and The Biggest American Corporations.

Cuba, Iran, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Chile ...
        Google together  "Wall Street" "CIA", "FASCISM", "DICTATORSHIP", country...
         You'll have a lot to read.  


Why The American Rush To A New Cold War?

Why Is American Reporting about The Ukraine So One-Sided and Anti-Russian?

Did you know?
       1)  Crimea has been Russian since 1783.
       2)  It has never been Ukrainian to rule.
       3)  Krushchev (a Ukrainian) gave Crimea to Ukraine to Administer for the Kremlin.
       4)  Crimea while part of Ukraine from 1991-2014 was always Autonomous.
       5)  Ukrainians in the Crimea are only 24.3%.   Russians are 58.3%
       ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crimea    )

Americans were also lied to in 2008 about the Georgian attack on Russians.
Don't you wonder why all the reports on TV and in the news now omit the most significant
and salient fact, namely, that Georgia attacked South Ossetia. 

No one mentions that when Georgia left the USSR in 1991, South Ossetia chose to stay
a part of Russia, as it had been since 1761.  As the Georgian attack began,
FOX News interviewed a little girl.   The Fox interviewer asked her the bad Russians. 
The girl told him that Georgia had first killed many of her people and killed
a barrack full of Russians peacekeepers..The interviewer then quickly cut her off ."  
      ( http://www.tigersoftware.com/TigerBlogs/August-21-2008/    ) 

In my previous Blog (See just below.) I suggested that the main reason America has been
so quick to side with Ukrainian thugs and fascists was because Obama and Hillary were afraid
of the American far-right in the 2012 Congressional Elections.  In their timidity and lack of
leadership, they seemed to be behaving as ignobly as Tsar Nicholas and Kaiser Wilhelm did in 1914
when they refused to offend or say "NO" to their own war-mongeringnationalists just as World War I
was about to start.

But that's only part of the story.  There's something more sinister here.

Wall Street is probably behind the pro-Fascist Ukrainian policy of the Obama Administration
and behind Hillary Clinton.  Wall Street 's Political Leaders, just like Prescott Bush,
the Dulles Brothers, the Duponts, JP Morgan, stc.... have a long history of helping Fascists
overthrow democratically elected governments so that their investnents would be secure,
more profitable and be expanded by the US-dependent dictator.  .Some of these   even traded
illegally with the enemy, as Prescott Bush did in World War II with Germany.  .

Is this being too cyncial?  I don't think so.
Wall Street owns Obama.  He is their puppet!

See how Wall Street now controls nearly everything significant that
Obama does as far as the economy goes.  Look at how completely
this Democratic President has turned over his Administration to 
people from Wall Street.  See how Obama has done along with the
sending of American jobs overseas via "Free" Trade and  actually
encouraged big corporations to import cheap-labor made goods
into America.  Big Wall Street banks were Obama's largest campaign
contributors.  He had paid them back by refusing to prosecute
any big banks' CEOs despite the massive evidence of systematic
fraud in their selling sub-standard mortgages to unsuspecting
pensioners.  Obama re-appointed Bernanke, Wall Street's big
supporter to be Fed Chairman.  Bernanke first accepted billions
of Dollars worth of substandard mortgages as well as collateral
for Fed loans.  Later he arranged the massive QE-I, QE-2 amd QE-3,
to buy up several trillion dollars worth of long-term home
mortages from the big banks.  Obama has also done nothing
to prevent Wall Street CEOs from paying  themselves ridiculously
obscene amounts.  He has not proposed new taxes on Wall Street.
He has not proposed a new tax on stock transactions to pay for
a more SEC policing of Wall Street.  And he has pursued a
a 100% No-Prosecution of Anti-Trust Laws (example Comcast and Time Warner).

  The Puppet-Master Behind
The Democrats' Rush To Cold War

   Dr. Strangelove?
wpe21.jpg (9581 bytes)  Zbignieu Brezinzki was
Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor when Iran broke
ranks with American anti-Communism and kicked out
the fascist, terrorist Shah in their own Revolution.
Zbignieu Brezinzki was also the one who made LBJ 
think that fighting the Viet Kong was vital to prevent more
Communist dominoes from falling. 

Brezinski was the one who put Hillary up to calling Putin
a modern-day Hitler.  Of Putin's military protection of
the Russian speaking people in Georgia, Brezinski declared
that Putin was
"following a course that is horrifyingly similar to that taken
by Stalin and Hitler in the 1930s".
Russians suffering in Georgia
and now Georgia, Brezinski is saying is not real.  It is being
trumped up by Putin just as Hitler had alleged that ethnic Germans
had suffered in pre-1938 Czechoslavakia.  (Source.)

And he's also the one who Obama and Kerry are listening to
when they prop up the Fascist Svoboda Party as
their new partners in a very dangerous new anti-Russian
US foreign policy. 

Brezinski wrote on March 3rd:
"Putin’s thuggish tactics in seizing Crimea offer some hints
regarding his planning.
He knew in advance that his thinly
camouflaged invasion would meet with
popular support from the Russian majority in Crimea. (!!!)
... He went in  masked like a Mafia gangster."

Brezinski's aristocratic family hails from Gallicia in
Poland and Eastern Ukraine.  He grew up like many Poles
hating the Soviet regime,with good reason.  Stalin personally
ordered that 22,000 Polish officers and intelligentsia were to be shot by the
NKVD March 1940.  (See Katyn Forest Massacre.
(This is not be be confused with massive Nazi massacres, mostly
of Jews at Babi Yar in Kiev, in Lublin and Odessa )  Making
Poles hate Stalin and the Soviets even more was their
refusal in 1944 to allow the Red Army, which was camped
nearby on the Eastern side of the Vistula, to come to the aid
of the Polish Uprising in Warsaw against the Nazis in August
and September, as the German Army was in full retreat.
In fact,  Stalin refused Churchill's requests to let British
and American planes provide supplies to the Polish Warsaw
rebels.  As a result, 150,000-200,000 Poles were killed
when the Germans retaliated and leveled one quarter of all of Warsaw. 
Stalin, it was believed, wanted to destroy any potential Polish
resistance to the Soviet control of Poland after the war. 
In this he succeeded.  By 1946, Poland had become a puppet
state completely under under Stalin's control.

Totalitarian states are were never as perfectly or perpetually
stable as Brezinski taught.   He was wrong to compare the
role of Communist ideology in the perpetuation of the power
of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to the Catechism
and the New Testament to the Power and longevity of the
Roman Catholic Church. 

When Stalin died, Krushchev and others attacked his reign of terror
and his "cult of personality".   Many in Eastern Europe and
Russia openly challenged economic centralization and the
leading role of the Party.  Workers in the "puppet states" of
Hungry and Poland rebelled.  They saw how the Communist leader
Tito had kept Yugoslavia free from Moscow.  At first, they merely
sought their own road to socialism.  But soon, widespread cries
were heard from people wanting free elections that included non-
Communist parties.  Such were the dynamics of change in the
"Soviet Bloc". 

But Brezinski, it seems, had never forgiven the Russians for what
the actions of Stalin in World War II.   Soviet Communist totalitarian
power and terror were too all-powerful for him to believe that
even a moderate Polish nationalism as expressed by Gomulka
in Poland could succeed without being suppressed by Moscow. 

That was was my complaint with Brezinski in 1965 when I took
classes with him as a Russian Studies student at Columbia.
When I told him I was interested in "economic revisionism in
Eastern Europe, he sent me to Radio Free Europe in New York
to study their translations of the economic reformers in Poland,
Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.  From this, it became clear
to me that detailed Soviet central planning must give way. 
And if Moscow could no longer make all-encompassing
and detailed determinations about how and what the economy
was produce, then what was the proper of the Party in society.

But Brezinski did not like my conclusions that economic revisionism
must eventually liberalize Communism and decentralize economic
power, even to the point of giving individuals the ultimate right
as consumers, to make economic and political choices freely.  In
the short run, he was right.  In 1969, the Red Army crushed
the liberal economic revisionism that was taking hold
in Prague, Czechoslovakia.  It was at this time that the
Czech economist, Otto Sik, proposed "Market Socialism".
In this, he was 20 years ahead of Gorbachev. 

I felt Brezinski was less interested in the seeds of change
that Otto Sik and other Communist revisionists were sewing
in Eastern Europe than in perpetuating the Cold War.  He
could not understand that Ho Chi Minh was popular, just
as Tito was, for resisting outside enemies.  Ho was not
Hitler.  He was re-uniting his own country.  He was not
expanding as Hitler and the NAZIs did into Czechoslavakia
or Poland.  But Brezinski made no such distinctions.  He
was a Cold Warrior who equated Communism with Stalinism.
Strangely, he now equates Putin with Hitler.  For him,
Communism is Nazism.  It is all the same.  It is totalitarianism.

I saw the dynamics of liberalization in the Soviet Bloc as
imevitable in 1965   When I came up for oral examination at Columbia
in getting a Ph.D., he did not agree with my assertions about
this.  As a result, I did not write my dissertation on economic
revisionism and instead chose the "safer" subject of the
role of the Chancellor of the Exchequer in British Cabinet Politics.

Now Obama and Wall Street have taken a liking to the Brezinski Plan for
encircling and then breaking up Russia so that American financial
interests can carve up what's left of the old Soviet Empire.
They do not see how his advise is warped by his life-long hatred
of Russia.  Instead, they see his plan as a way to aid their patrons
on Wall Street in buying Russian assets on the cheap.

(See for example: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article37878.htm )

Why else would the reporting on the Crimean "Crisis" be so
one sided in the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, etc.?
Wall Street has now decided to have American foreign policy use
Ukrainian Fascists to conquer and fragment Russia.  They
want the Interational Monetary Fund to take hold of Ukrainian
finances just as they have Greece and Spain.  To Wall Street's
thinking, the moment must not be lost.  This is so important, that
Wall Street has determined that no elite media dissent is to be
allowed.  The new fascist Ukraine is
too important to allow any real
public discussion. 

Well, some Americans are dissenting.  One is Stephen Cohen,
a long-time Russian affairs scholar. 
See http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article37878.htm
Another is Max Blumenthal.  Seehttp://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/02/24/1280154/-Max-Blumenthal-Is-the-U-S-Backing-Neo-Nazis-in-Ukraine

And I will write what I can.  As I said, I had Brezinski as a teacher
and advisor at Columbia in the 1960s.  He easily got carried away
with his anti-Russian thinking.  It was his mistaken global thinking
that led to the "Falling Dominoes" excuse for the War on Viet Nam
tragedy in which many millions died.   Even in 1991, weeks before its
breakup, Brezinski did not foresee the breakup of the Soviet Union. 
Unfortunately, back in 1965, I could see how much in grading me he
favored points that agreed with his own thinking.  The USSR was an
evil totalitarian state like Hitler's.  It could never change from within.

All in all, my personal take on him then and now is that while
he is brilliant, he is highly rigid and dogmatic.  He searches mainly
for evidence that fits in with his own thinking.  He is still fighting the
Cold War.  He is not flexible or open-minded.  Yet he is the leading thinker
in producing the Democrats' dangerously bellicose, anti-Russian foreign policy. 
Lost in this is any concept of mutual interest and cooperation in fighting
Fascism or providing for legitimate national security interests or
helping Ukraine become economically self-sufficient and prosperous.
Unfortunately, very few in America realize how one-sided is the
ant-Russian news they are getting.  But at least, more and more
Americans do see the Democrats' foreign policy is not much different
than Republicans.   Both parties support a US military budget which
spends more money on weapons, wars and overseas' bases than the
next 10 biggest countries do.

Why The Ukraine Should Matter To Americans.

(1) The 20th Century Conclusively Shows That Unchecked,
Visceral Nationalism Starts and Fosters Big Wars!

(2) Political Timidity and Pandering to Right-Wing Nationalist/
Militarist Pressure Groups in This Context Also Make for World Wars.  

(3) Military-Industrial-Complex pawns, Hillary Clinton and Obama
can be compared very unfavorably in their timidity and lack of moral
courage to Tsar Nicholas and Kaiser Wilhelm.  Ron Paul is the only politician
American Congressmen who is bold enough to say the "Ukraine is
none of our business".  American interventions abroad are "unconstitutional",
"arrogant", "ineffective", "pro-fascist" and vastly wasteful
of the US Treasury.  They only serve the interests of certain
high placed US corporate and banking interests.

(4) American Ignore Russia's Legitimate Security Needs,
at Great Peril!  We do not want a  "Reverse Cuban Missile Crisis"
taking us to the brink of nuclear war.

The Lessons of World War I-
World War I was a war brought on by unrestrained Nationalism,
by Political Cowardice and by Generals who sought military mobilization
in crisis rather than careful restraint.

Nationalists in Serbia set in motion the build-up to World War I. They
trusted Russia would protect them. And, in fact, the Tsar could not say
"No" to his pro-Serbian, pan-Slavic Generals who wanted Russia to
become the protector of little Serbia against Austria. Similarly,
Kaiser Wilhelm could not say "No" to Austria or to his generals who wanted to
mobilize massively if Russia mobilized its army against Austria.
As it turned out, the Tsar's Generals had no plans for a partial
mobilization against only Austria. But, when Germany went to war
with Russia, it automatically by treaty, had to go to war with France
and soon the UK. The Generals did not foresee how deadly and
how futile war in the XXth Century would be. Worse, all the Royal
Families of Europe utterly lacked the moral courage to say "No"
to their generals who wanted to unleash their armies in a new war..

The Lessons of World War II -
World War II was a war of evil design.

Is Putin Really The New Hitler? Hillary Seems To Thinks So.

If World War I was started by leadersip failures by both Generals and politicians,
World War II was largely started by one megalomaniac in a sea of
pacifism, itself the result of people looking back at the mistakes of World War I.
If in 1935 France and Britain had sought militarily to prevent the small
German army's reoccupation of the Rhineland, World War II might have
been averted. Hitler himself acknowledged this. But he got away
with this act of defiance. His prestige grew and in French and British
pacifism, he saw weakness he could exploit.

In 1936, Hitler devised a systematic plan to achieve Lebensraum by 1944.
Many German Generals could see this was delusional and dangerous for Germany.
Some even planned to assassinate him in 1938. But Prime Minister Chamberlain
distrusted such talk. His gift of the Sudetenland to Germany completely
undercut these German Generals. After the Munich concessions
of September 1938, the Generals were afraid to turn against Hitler until 1944.

Without their challenge, Hitler easily fabricated grievances of ethnic Germans
in Poland to justify his attack in August 1939. By this time, he did
not care that France was bound by treaty to protect Poland against his
attack. He felt his armies were invincible. In May 1940, 6 months after
his Wehrmacht had attacked Poland, he foolishly chose to attack France.
He did not have to attack Belgium, Holland or France. World War II only started
in earnest when he did. His attack on Russia in 1941 was even more insane.
It was as though had heard of Napoleon, the Russian Winter or War and Peace.
His declaration of war against the US was equally foolish.

Surely, Hillary Knows Better.

Hillary is wrong. Putin is no Hitler. He has no plans for a grandiose multi-continent
Russian expansionism. Russia is economically far too weak. But Russia
has had a big naval base in the Crimea for 220 years. The openly
fascist Svoboda Party and the chaos in Ukraine threaten that warm-water base.
In addition, the Ukrainian extreme nationalists are, in fact, a very real threat
to Russian speaking people. This is not a trumped-up charge.

   The Fascists Next Door to Russia

wpe21.jpg (18157 bytes)wpe22.jpg (10680 bytes)
      Svoboda's young march under the same crooked cross used by the
NAZI SS.  Svoboda's leader gives his "Heil Hitler" salute to the party faithful.
Please read what Max Blumenthal has to say about the Ukraine's neo NAZIs.
Svoboda is now the leading Party in the new right-wing, anti-Russian Government,

Westerners are not offered the Russian viewpoint in this. Fascism killed 20 million
Russians in WW-II.  Many of these Fascists were Western Ukrainian. How could
any Russian allow hostile Fascist-controlled missiles to be pointed at Moscow
from only 400 miles away?  Only a year ago, the Europeon Union was warning
Ukrainian political parties about cooperating with the ultra-right extremeists
in the Svoboda Party.  How did Americans feel with Cuban missiles pointed
at Washington from a 1000 miles away back in 1962? Americans risked a
nuclear war to get Cuba to abandon its missiles. What if the Russians did
the same? Surely, this must be avoided.

  bandera_300x232.jpg (18820 bytes)                                                                                                              
       A Fascist Hero in Ukraine 
Stepan Bandera is on a 2009 postage stamp commemorating the 100th
anniversary of his birth


Back in 1992, soon after the Ukraine became independent, the highest state honor,   “Hero of Ukraine”
was postumously bestowed upon Stepan Bandera (1909-1959).  This was done over the
vehement protests of the chief rabbi of Ukraine, the president of Poland, and many Ukraine
citizens, especially in its Eastern regions.   Bandera aim was to make Ukraine a one-party f
ascist dictatorship without national minorities.

The Ukraine, I think, is much more like Yugoslavia in 1991, than
Germany and Central Europe in the late 1930s. Nationalist differences
now in the Ukraine are similar to those that broke up
Yugoslavia in the 1990s, but in a much more dangerous part of the world.

"During 1990, Communists lost the power to nationalist parties
on first multi-party elections held across the country, except in Serbia
and Montenegro, where they were won by Miloševic and his allies.
Nationalist rhetoric on all sides became increasingly heated. In 1991,
one by one republic proclaimed independence (only Serbia and Montenegro
remained federated), but status of Serb minorities outside Serbia was
left unsolved. After a string of inter-ethnic incidents, Yugoslav Wars
ensued, first in Croatia and then, most severely, in multi-ethnic
Bosnia and Herzegovina". (wikopedia) The wars pitted the US and UN
observers against the Russian backed Serbians.

The proximity to Russia to the Ukraine could easily make any instability there become
very dangerous. Hostility, fear and mistrust are now becoming self-perpetuating, as
at the height of the Cold War.  The US views Putin as an empire-builder
who would get in the way of the Ukraine's wishes to join the EEC. Russia
sees this as economic imperialism. It fully reciprocates, readily noting
America's frequent support of fascist, anti-democratic governments who
serve US corporate interests.

Let's hope the Generals are a lot smarter this time around. The politicians
are very scary.  Publicly, Obama and Clinton dismiss legitimate Russian
security concerns as simply plans to conquer  and control lands that they
have no security interests in.  That just is not true.  Why do they keep
pandering to the American extreme right?  Why does the American corporate
media fail to challenge their false attribution of Hitler-like motives to Hitler?

Obama and Clinton seem just about as dumb as those who took Europeons
into World War I.  We deserve better.  But are the Republicans any better?
That's the real danger, isn't it?

I think the Russians are much more restrained than America would be.
America's history is replete with military invasions and CIA interventions,
almost all designed to help expand the US's economic sway.  This list
is much longer than you know.


                 Obama's Trust of Wall Street Seems Stupider and Stupider.
                       US Jobs and Wages Sour, but not on Wall Street.

          Progressives Feel Even More Snookered by Democrats. 
                    Harry Truman Would Have Known How To Handle These Profiteers.

Average Hourly Wages have declined since 2009.
                                    The Dow Jones Industrial Average has more than doubled.

                             wpe84A1.jpg (4598 bytes)Earnings-average-hourly-real.gif (13690 bytes)
wpe84A2.jpg (42442 bytes) wpe84A3.jpg (6149 bytes)               

                       "Obscener".   That's what Wall Street wages are becoming.

                                    "Last week JPMorgan Chase's Board approved a 74 percent pay raise for its CEO,
                                    Jamie Dimon, for 2013, a year when JPMorgan barely escaped a criminal penalty
                                    and paid $20 billion in fines and penalties for wrongdoing -- much of it on his watch.
                                    ...In 2013, Dimon made $9,615 per hour. (This is ) more in the first two hours
                                    of the first workday of the year than a minimum-wage worker made all year long.".   (Source)

                                   "The top 40 hedge fund managers and traders in 2012 were paid a combined $16.7 billion.
                                    This is the same amount that 400,000 average workers got.
The wealth of four members of the Walton family is greater than $100 billion.
                                     That's more than the poorest 40% of Americans. And they are using every penny
                                     they have to keep the Government from touching any of their entirely inherited wealth.

The latest Jobs Report belies Obama's boasting about all the jobs
                  his Administration's economic policies have helped create.  For
                  obvious reasons, he chose not to talk about how wages for working
                  people keep falling and vital Public Sector jobs keep disappearing.

                  Sadly, private sector jobs are not being created fast enough to keep
                  up with the US population's growth.  Obama has failed.  And he's
                  utterly failed to fight for progressive and fairer economic policies.
                  We might just as well have had a Republican from Wall Street running the
                  country.   This was no accident. The Democratic Establishment
                  has snookered us into thinking Obama was a Progressive.  We won't
                  forget this treachery.

                  To be fair, Obama has always said he believes in the "free market". 
                  Progressives just didn't take such comments seriously.  Surely, he was
                  not a believer in lassez-faire.  Anyone with a smattering of knowledge of
                  US history knows WHY child labor laws are needed, WHY mining is regulated,
                  and WHY the poorest workers need to be protected from brutal exploitation.
                  Surely, Omama had read about the coming of the New Deal... 

                    Five years in office,  i still see no evidence that he knows any XXth
                   century history.  He may quote Lincoln, but never, never  mentions
                   FDR or Truman, have you noticed.   What's worse?  Obama believes in
                  "free trade".  In other words, corporations can send as many jobs overseas
                  as they want, fire as many as they wish and hire as few as they like.
                  Capital is free to leave the country anytime it wishes and it does!

                  Finally five years into his office as President, Obama suggests that the
                  minimum wage should be raised.  Note that he has no plans to prevent
                  Corporations from paying their CEO and Board of Directors obscene
                  sums.  Naturally, "no drama" Obama says nothing about a wealth tax,
                  Nor does he hint at a higher tax on capital gains or a tax on parasitic
                  computerized intra-day trading by the big banks.  Sometimes, he offers
                  us a little populist rhetoric to fool us, but the point is he does nothing
                  that helps us or makes a difference.

                  He should forget about Wall Street.  He should take them on.  The Big
                  Banks caused the collapse.  They are taking money out of the real
                  economy to pump up stock prices and make millionaires into billionaires.
                  He should study FDR and Truman.  Truman knew Big Wealth was against
                  pitted against the little guy.  He fought Wall Street and big corporations
                  every step of the way.  Sure the Dow Jones Industrial Average marked time
                  for three years between January 1, 1946 when it stood at 191.3 and
                  December 31, 1949 when it was 192.7, but the average hourly wage in
                  the US rose steadily and handily from $0.86 to  $1.27.
    ( See http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/data/AHEMAN.txt )

Harry      Harry Truman denounced war-profiteering as treason.  But that
     never stopped Halliburton, Exxon or Wall Street.  We are still
     at war in Afghanistan!

     "During World War II, I called war profiteering, 'TREASON'.
     People who make millions off the blood of our young soldiers are
     the most DESPICABLE OF HUMAN SCUM!  We all know
     what the punishment for treason is.  Don't we?"

Where is the Republican Party getting the millions of dollars
    it is pouring into this campaign? From big business, who know
    that if the Republicans win, they will get their money back
    many times over--until the crash comes. Today big business
    is rubbing its hands in the hope of having another boom-and-bust
    spree under a Republican administration. They are in the same
    greedy state of mind that brought about the crash of 1929 and
    the Hoover depression."

    ( http://www.trumanlibrary.org/publicpapers/index.php?pid=1969 )

                                  Obama should read Truman's Labor Day address
                         in Detroit on September  6, 1948.  Here was a real President.

Two years ago the people of this country, and many workingmen among them,
                           seemed to feel that they wanted a change. They elected the Republican 80th Congress--
                           and they got their change. That Congress promptly fell into the familiar Republican pattern
                           of aid for big business and attack on labor. The Republicans promptly voted themselves
                           a cut in taxes, and voted you a cut in freedom...Important Republican newspapers have
                          already announced in plain language that Republicans in Congress are preparing further
                          and stronger measures against labor.   If the congressional elements that made the
                          Taft-Hartley law are allowed to remain in power, and if these elements are further
                          encouraged by the election of a Republican President, you men of labor can expect to be hit
                          by a steady barrage of body blows. And if you stay at home, as you did in 1946, and keep
                          these reactionaries in power, you will deserve every blow you get. (WOW - he was blunt!)

                          If you let the Republican administration reactionaries get complete control of this Government,
                          the position of labor will be so greatly weakened that I would fear, not only for the wages
                          and living standards of the American workingman, but even for our Democratic institutions
                          of free labor and free enterprise. Remember that the reactionary of today is a shrewd man.
                          He is in many ways much shrewder than the reactionaries of the twenties. He is a man with a
                          calculating machine where his heart ought to he. He has learned a great deal about how to get
                          his way by observing demagogues and reactionaries in other countries. And now he has many
                          able allies in the press and in the radio.


                 So, what good is he, I ask?  Even his Obama Care looks more and more like
                 a big give-away to medical insurance companies, pharmaceuticals
                 and biotechs.  Remember, he would not even put the Public Option into
                 the new health insurance system.  Of course, medical insurance companies
                 will do their best NOT to honor their part of the new contracts.  And who
                 know what most doctors will do.  I wrote 5 years ago that Obama was either
                 very naive or very corrupt (my conclusion then) in telling us that we should
                 all just trust the private medical insurance companies like Anthem Blue Cross. 
                 Didn't he know how bad their track record was?  How they arbitrarily riased
                 premiums, denied benefits and refused to even take calls when cutomers
                 complained. (See the Blog just below about this.)  Paul Krugman saw Obama's
                 abandonment of the "Public Option" in 2009 as the beginning of his
                 "Trust Problem".   I date it back to March 2009 and to his Wall Street friendly
                 appointments.   See
TigerSoft Blog: 3/19/2009 Who's Lying? Obama Brazenly Coddles
                 Wall Street Crooks.

                  Sure, he
says he wants the minimum wage to be raised to $9 or $10/hour.
                  But if the minimum wage from 1980 were to be adjusted for inflation, it
                  would now be way over $16/hour.  What's worse?  Obama conveniently forgets
                  to mention how the average for all worker's wages are falling behind Wall Street's.,
                  The truth is ugly.  It shows how the rich have waged class warfare against
                  millions and millions of American workers who have been betrayed by
"Wages are stuck, and barely rose at all in 2013. They were
                  up 1.9 percent last year, or a mere 0.4 percent after accounting for inflation.
                  Not only was that increase even smaller than the one recorded in 2012,
                  it was half the normal rate of wage gains in the two decades before the
                  last recession."   (NY Times)
  The average age for someone being "paid a
                  "minimum wage is 35; most work full time; more than one-fourth are parents;
                  and, on average,  they earn half of their families’ total income
." (NY Times)

                            Spineless and Ignorant, Obama Coddles The Rich
                               while Millions Get Poorer and Can't Find Work.    

                  When you dig a little deeper, his betrayal becomes even more obvious.
                  He agreed to an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the super-rich. He agreed
                  to exempt as much as $10 million from any estate taxes.  He lowered the
                  estate tax rate down to a measly 35%.  At the time, the US was $15 trillion debt.
                  This one decision saved the Walton heirs $17 billion in taxes.
                  Precisely because of all of Obama's efforts to get along with Republicans,
                  to please Wall Street and Big Business,  he lets go unchallenged all the
                  right-wing austerity nonsense that politicans should from the 1930s tragedy
                  already know does not work.  But Obama knows no history.  Whatever
                  he took in college, it certainly was not economic history!  A real Progressive
                  could easily demolish the right wing lie that you fix a broken economy
                  suffering from a financial collapse and high unemployment by laying
                  off millions of public sector workers. 

                  Even if he only got a "C" in an Economic History course, he would know
                  in a deep recession, the Public Sector must be the employer of last
                  resort.   It must hire all these people who can't find private sector jobs.
                  This rebuilds consumer demand and confidence,  But Obama defers to
                  the rich, who want only to pay low wages, so that their profits will go
                  up and up.  The bankers he voted to bale out have gotten more federal
                  money than all the Public Works programs taken together since he was
                  in office.  And when was a big banker put on try for Fraud, Theft or
                  Insider Trading during the Crash? Never!

                   Obama has placed his bet on the Rich and Wall Street, hoping there
                   would be some trickle-down for the rest of America.  Well, he has failed.
                   The Republicans are right.  He should resign.  He has no answers.

                   As a result, the public sector keeps falling, despite the collapsing and aging
                  infrastructure everywhere. And now private sector in the US have fallen
                  below the level needed simply to provide enough jobs even to keep
                  up with population growth. 165,000 new jobs a month are needed to do that. 
                  Look at the numbers recently.   

                   If only for reasons of fairness and compassion, the Government has to be
                   the employer of last resort because capitalism seldom provides full employment,
                   much less decent pay.  It does produce financial panics and high unemployment.
                   And it always always over-pays its chief executives for "work" that has very little
                   redeeming social value.

140207082843-jobs-report-data-020714-620xa.png (15285 bytes)

                   This rate of job creation will only make worse the near-record level of
                   long-term unemployment.  Officially, they say this is around 3.6 million.
                   The new job creation numbers hardly make a dent in the 20 million
                   who are either unemployed or underemployed and desperately need
                   more income. Only 63% of Americans over age 16 either had a job or were
                   looking for one.  Many  have given up or find the wages now offered would
                   barely cover the cost of driving to work.  Capitalism and its creature, the
                   American political system are making millions go hungry.  We have all
                   this wonderful technology.  But it is wasted and goes unused because
                   Big Corporations choose to make profits elsewhere and in other ways.
                   Showing just how cut-throat and cruel, they really are Congress has just
                   cut the Food Stamp program and deny long-term Unemployment Benefits
                   to millions.  Marx appears to have foreseen this exactly right.  Capitalism
                   in America now does seem to depend on there being a large army of
                   unemployed.   It serves to discipline the populace and keeps them begging
                   for crums.  
                                                                  ---------------- New Jobs -----------------
                                                                            Private                  Public
                                    January                     +142,000                -29,000


Employment (2009)

Employment (2011)

Change in Employment

Percent Change in Employment











Fire fighters





Emergency responders





Air-traffic controllers






Articles on why Obama is not to be trusted by Progressives:
Summers lost because liberals don't trust Obama on financial reform


                                               OLDER BLOGS

                 REACH ANOTHER NEW LOW IN

                     They Show Us How Badly Meglomanical
                     Corporate MEDIA Intends To Treat Us All.

A Cruel Bait and Switch

            Did you see American Idol last night?   That's the show where young
               Americans audition before three pop stars, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr
               and a blond fellow from New Zealand named Keith Urban for a chance
               to be the "next American Idol.

              wpe1D.jpg (10374 bytes)

Well, imagine yourself getting a free "Ticket to Hollywood"
               to audition to be this year's "American Idol" on FOX.  300 singing hopefuls
               each year for the last ten years have gotten the Golden Ticket, a trip to
               Hollywood, where where they got put up in a nice hotel and allowed to
              settle in semi-comfortably for the often months' long auditioning process. 

Not this year.  FOX's Rupert Murdoch decided this was too expensive.
               This rich the Australian mogul decided that he wanted to play a
               cruel joke on some of the American hopefuls.  He wanted, I suppose,
               to show off his power and teach the young innocents, just how cruel
               the new world of media monopolies would be.  Like many rich people,
               he is an empire-builder, has little or no compassion and actually takes
               sadistic pleasure in the inflicting pain on those they employ and can
               control.    Murdoch has set up his entire media chain to perpetrate
               the myth that the poor are lazy and deserve no helping hand from the
               Government even though they are the victims of Capitalism's greed
               and its perpetual failure to deliver full employment or on all the promising
               potential inherent in modern technoogy.

his year, for many the "Welcome to Hollywood" golden ticket turned out
               to only be a ticket to  an LA airport hanger and an immediate return flight home
               the very same day after they fail a hurried-up audition right at LAX.
               Fresh from their incoming flight to LA with bags in hand, all this
               year's contestants were herded into a hanger.  50 of the contestants
               were called out to do another audition.  The half who failed
               were not told they failed.  Instead, they were put on an unmarked
               bus back for their flights home.   Humiliated, used and exhausted
               they returned home, never having seen Hollywood.

  How would you feel being treated like this?

               There was no revolt from the contestants.  There was no expression of anger
               from any of these innocent kids.  Why not?  Because the 3 judges did not have
               the nerve or character to tell them face-to-face that they were being immediately
               sent back home, that they would not get to see Hollywood.

The American Idol Judges Were Especially Cruel

               These 3 judges are each paid millions.  They weren't going to challenge
               Rupert Murdoch's sadistic Fox machine.  They utterly lacked the moral fiber
               to do that.  They put them on an unmarked bus without telling them where
               it was going.  What "chicken-shit" lack of character, participating in this cruel
               hoax, this sadistic bait and switch.

                                             American Viewers Were Horrified.

               I found 100s of horrified comments about the whole episode on Facebook.
               Here is a typical one:

"How absolutely cruel and heartless to make these kids
                             'sing for their lives' (this is what the judges said) and then
                             send them home without ever being able to get a glimpse of California.
                             Were they even given anything to eat? They must have been
                             exhausted from the plane trip. Were they given an opportunity to rest
                             before getting back on to go home??? Did they even get a drink of water?
                             And the whole bus thing was beyond the pale. What did this accomplish
                             other than inflict horrendous mental anguish on them. I am just floored
                             by the cruelty of FOX and American Idol for permitting such torment
                             on these kids. Shame a million times over on you. I would sue if I were
                             them... American Idol must be desperate for ratings for them to sink
                             so low - torturing exhausted, disappointed kids. What's next - waterboarding?"

                       Many of The Rich Today Are Quite Cruel and Callous.
                   Lies and Cruelty Were Essentials in Their Rise To The Top.

               It comes as no surprise, but researchers at UC Berkeley have proven
               the obvious. Those who are  wealthy were found to to be much more likely
              to cheat, lie and break the law than those who were poor.

               This cruelty is exactly what you we should expect, knowing that
               the head of FOX, Rupert Murdoch's whole career as an empire-
               builder has been marked by "unusual arrogance, thuggery and
               deception."   He sees himself as a master propagandist whose
               empire has grown as he sought political favors from the right-wing
               goernments of Reagan, Bush and Thatcher. For politicians in Beijing,
               Washington and London this psychology makes Mr Murdoch an ideal media ally.

                                   fox-news-ad.jpg (43311 bytes)
A wicked surpise greeting upon arrival awaited the hopefuls.

                                            "Fail this audition and you can forget about seeing Hollywood
                                             even for one single day.  It's straight back home for you." 
                                            (All you get to see of LA is  the inside of an airport hanger there
                                            and a lesson from Fox about how cruel the right-wing
                                            corporate media is at its rankest .)

This is not the first time.  Fox and American Idol raised the hopes of some
                   of America's lids and then wantonly and cruelly dashed their hopes.

"American Idol" goes cruel, telling kids theyr'e in and then they're out.  February 17, 2012
Ten ex-'American Idol' contestants sue show over alleged racism  Jul 25, 2013
Is 'American Idol' Too Cruel to Kids?   January 27, 2011
                    “American Idol,” Fox's sadistic musical bake-off   Sep 4, 2002
                     'American Idol,'so needlessly cruel June, 14,2002.

                   It's also not the first time, I've complained about how they spread their
                   poison of cruelty and callousness to all America.   Two years ago I wrote:

I made the mistake of listening to FOX's Simon Cowell again on his glitzy
               X-Factor show.  It didn't take Simon more than 2 minutes to once more use the word "Karaoke"
               as a categorical pejorative.  His ultimate "put-down" of an inadequate performance is to
               call it "Karaoke quality"...What crap!  I realized that he's as ignorant as he is arrogant;
              no mean feat, that. Why do Americans have to listen to rude Englishmen judging
              American talent shows anyway?  Why did Piers Morgan replace Larry King? 

                          "One answer is because FOX and CNN want the broad mass of Americans  
               to feel inferior and deferential to their betters.  That way the 1% can better control the 99%. 
               Too cynical? Well maybe.  Another reason Simon gets away with his elitist snobbery is because
               that he and the media are trying to make his shows seem to have singers of such a lofty
               standard that it is quite unreachable for regular, everyday people to attain, unless they
               have Simon's God-like guidance and approval.  What a croc!  He's a wanna-be English aristocrat 
               carving out his own empire using patronizing put-downs to bully the natives. 
               Fox has a lot to learn about respecting ordinary people."


             Fox is owned and controlled by Rupert Murdoch.  His life is proof of the psycho-pathology
             of megliomanic greed, avarice and the pain it causes others he has stomped on in building
             his empire.   "As the scandal over Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation’s illegal phone
             hacking activities broke to television audiences around the world, I could not help but
             wonder ‘why?’ And I am sure many others asked themselves the same question. What prompted
             Murdoch’s executives to condone illegal activities aimed at listening into private conversations?"


                                                  murderingmurdoch.jpg (18452 bytes)
Rupert Murdoch's Fox Network of "Lies for Profits".
Rupert Murdoch Buys Bel Air Vineyard Estate For $28.8 Million

           Murdoch was born rich.   He inherited control of the Adelaide News in Australia..
           He began buying other newspapers, including Sydney's Daily Mail, and in 1964 he launched Australia's
           first national paper, The Australian. From then on, the growth of his media empire was rapid,
           buying London's News of the World, the New York Post in 1976, the London Times in.1981
           and finally the Wall Street Journal.  He nope has full control of Twentieth Century Fox,
           Fox Broadcasting and the publisher Collins. 

       Fox Owner Rupert Murdoch could face criminal charges in US - Telegraph  Jul 10, 2013
Will Rupert Murdoch Ever Go To Jail For His Crimes? Jul 13, 2013
James Murdoch could face criminal charges on both sides of the Atlantic Jul 8, 2011
Criminal probes gear up against Murdoch empire - CBS News  July 18, 2011
End Murdoch's Criminal Empire

NWSA.BMP (1101654 bytes)

                                                  OLDER BLOGS
                          Thousands of Yelps say
                  Anthem Blue Cross is One Big Fraud

Now brought to millions more courtesy of Phony-Baloney Obama and
                California's Insurance Commissioner, Phony-Baloney Dave Jones...

People need health care.   They need insurance.  But the evidence is
                  overwhelming that Blue Cross knows only how exploit them in their time of need. 

                            "5 Stars? (Why so high?) This is for how well they screw their customers.
                            They are truly excellent at that.  The people running this corporation are financial
                            geniuses!  Here's their plan: spend almost nothing on customer service (hey,
                            why answer phones - ignore them and they'll go away), scrimp on claims staff,  
                            deny claims without cause (so sue us if you don't like it!) and do everything
                            possible to limit interaction with customers and/or tangle them up with
                            time-wasting run-arounds.  In short: Take the premiums. Pay as little as
                            possible on claims. Give zero customer service = make tons of profit!" 
                            (And bribe State regulators, Congress and Obama, so they all bring new
                            customers to you all at public expense.)


                  Who will stop these thugs and crooks? Where are the lawyers that should
                  be suing Blue Cross?  Where are the State Insurance Commissioners who
                  are not doing their job of protecting their people against fraud and theft? 
                  Where are the newspapers that should be warning Americans of the frustrations
                  and failures Blue Cross  has caused for years?

"Anthem is by far THE WORST health insurance you could ever
                                possibly get.  I'm amazed that they are also by far the biggest in California
                               and the reason is people don't know what they don't know.  They think
                               they are getting a good deal but they are getting horrible medical care." 
                               12/23/2013 Hermosa Beach, CA "I switched to Anthem Blue Cross (PPO)
                                this year from Blue Shield and it is the worst medical insurance I have
                                ever had!! Do NOT ever get Anthem". 1/12/2014 Orange, CA

"Best way to get someone to take your call is to call the number for new sales.  
                                They answer right away.  No wait time.  Guess we all know where their priorities are."
                                1/15/2014 Alameda, CA    "The company is a total disaster.  I cringe at what's
                                to come when actual claims are sent in.  1/15/2014 Topanga, CA  Worst customer
                                service ever period. They "transitioned" my policy to be compliant with ACA,
                                and whoops, forgot to activate our new policy on January 1, even though they
                                were paid on time. I was told I was in the group of individuals who did not get
                                "uploaded" in some giant data dump. So customer service is blaming IT for
                                 this problem. She also lied to me and said it would be resolved by the next
                                 business day. This company is so screwed up I can only say, stay away from them,
                                 far away."

Certainly Big government is often wasteful, remote and corrupt.

           But I'm here to tell you nothing is more wasteful and corrupt than an unregulated
           big corporation, like Anthem Blue Cross, when the government simply trusts them
           to do the right thing, as ObamaCare has.  I warned that this would happen two
           years ago, by the way.   

ObamaCare has given Blue Cross a ton of money to affordably insure millions
           of average folks against bad health for the first time.   A laudable objective,
           in my mind.  But Clue Cross should never have been trusted in the first places.
           They are white collar thiugs and thieves.  Nearly every new post about them
           on Yelp and Facebook show this.  And this pattern goes back a long time.
           Back in 2009, I warned Democrats and Obama Care supporters not to trust Anthem Blue Cross.

In 2010   "California's insurance regulator said Monday his office has found
           more than 700 violations by the state's largest for-profit health insurer, including
           late payment of claims, giving misleading information to consumers and failing
           to cooperate with regulators."   Source.  

                                           wpe1D.jpg (11613 bytes)   
                               California California State Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones.
                               He's all boyish smiles, but he offers no real protection for California consumers! 
                               I want to know why he allowed Anthem Blue Cross to be on the California
                               Insurance Exchange for individuals, but would not let them be on it
                               for businesses.  He claimed they regularly over-charged businesses.
                               This suggests to me he thinks over-charging individuals is just fine.
                               His main priority is to protect businesses.  I emailed him.  No answer. 
                               I'm not a priority to him either. No real surprise.  He's just another
                               phony Democrat!

         Dave Jones is now the Insurance Commissioner in California.  Running for office, he said
         "The insurance commissioner should be a strong advocate for consumers."    Now he's in
         charge?  What will he do?  I just called the Commission to find out if they are aware of all
         the complaints about Anthem Blue Cross and was told I should write him a letter.   Well,
         I've writen him an email and will report if and how he responds. (No response two weeks

    Below are a few typical Yelp comment about Antheem Blue Cross from 2010-2012,
           before the ObamaCare became law.

                  "Worst customer service I have ever experienced---ever. I have been dealing with
                   one claim since May (it's now October 20th) and every time I call to follow up it takes
                   at least 25 minutes for my call to even get answered. Once my call actually gets answered,
                   BCBS comes up with a DIFFERENT reason why my claim hasn't been processed or
                  can't be processed. I then make whatever changes they tell me to make and ask to have
                  someone follow up.  I have been promised by 4 separate "customer service SPECIALISTS"
                  to be called back/notified if something goes wrong with my claim, and each time,
                  I have been LIED to and have had to waste hours JUST trying to get back in touch myself."

                   "ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. They OFTEN don't cover things the plan
                   says they do, unless you call them about it. EVERY TIME I CALL I GET
                   they transfer me to someone else. Now they're telling me I have to resubmit to
                   a different leg of the company with a special different form. This is just corrupt." (Source).

                    "I completely agree with what everyone else is saying here.  
                    I have covered benefits that they refuse to pay.  At this point, they actually
                   owe me thousands of dollars in unpaid claims and I have called them over and
                   over again to get this resolved.  Every time I call, people say they are working
                   on it, but I've been doing this for months!  They seem to make up reasons for why
                   they won't pay for things (i.e. I sent in my claims to the ADDRESS on the CARD
                   and they say I have to submit it locally - in California).  However, I have called
                   many times to get that address and NO ONE can tell me what that address is, or
                   how I submit it locally.  
                     "This insurance company is a total scam.  I'm convinced that they do everything
                   they can to not pay for things unless you call over and over again.  I still have no
                   resolution on this and it's been many months.  My provider and I have called multiple times
                   and the story is different every time.  Right now I have been waiting for weeks for
                   someone to call me back.  However, she never does.  I call every other day right now
                   and get told "they're working on it.
                     "I have never dealt with an insurance company that seems so corrupt.  It is a
                   covered benefit and they refuse to pay.  If this isn't resolved soon, I plan to take legal

Why is it no one, including the over-paid corporate media, is watching Blue Cross and
           demanding any accounting for the massive fraud they are now committing. 

           The only thing they are good at is taking people money.  They are providing no
           services and no accountability.  The customer service is not bad, it's non-existent.
           These are serious charges.   They show that Blue Cross has committed consumer
           fraud and theft many thousand times, over and over, in the last month or two,
           ever since ObamaCare went into effect.

Look at the comments on the internet of more disgruntled Blue Cross customers:                      

                             1/24/2014    "The worst!  Anyway I have paid my money after fiddling for hours
                              with the Covered California site that constantly errored.  I have never received a card
                              or welcome kit with policy from Anthem. They seemed to be able to cash my check
                              promptly though, so they are good at something.  Forget about calling them. I have
                              done it 5 times and the automated attendant says "were to busy to talk to you now.
                              Call back at another time.  Screw these people. They wont get another dime of my money
                              I can't imagine having a claim with these bozos! Customer Satisfaction. Zero" Source

                             1/28/2014    "HORRIBLE customer service. Have been on hold with them for a total
                              of 5 hours now in the past 3 days and still have not spoken with anyone to resolve an issue
                              that should have never happened in the first place. I don't even have the option to be on
                              hold anymore because the reps are all busy. Recording says they open at 7am so looks like
                              I have to set my alarm for that. Am planning on looking for a new provider just because of
                              this horrible experience. Stay away!"  Source

                              1/13/2014  "Worst Insurance company ever! I've been trying to cancel my plan for
                              a month now, but there is nobody to talk to... The phones are NEVER answered
                              (i probably spent a total of 10 hours holding on the phone), their call back system doesn't work
                               (the system calls me back, but there is nobody on the line), they do not reply to emails, or
                               letters, or fax... They changed my plan with the new year because of the health care reform,
                               and the new plan they put me on is more expensive than my previous one, but covers less...
                               a lot less! and it is not a PPO anymore..."
                              They don't pay their doctors:                       .

                      "Horizon BCBS engages in deceptive practices:
                             1 I used their web site to determine what doctors were in my network.
                             2. I saw a doctor listed as being in my network.
                             3. The doctor sent them the bill.
                             4. They denied the claim because the doctor was not in my network.
                             5. I called and they told me the doctor was not in my network--while I was looking at their web                                screen telling me the doctor was in my network. Liars" (Source.

                              In General:
"They are by far THE WORSE EXPERIENCE  a person could have with health insurance. Customer service is terrible, coverage is terrible, out-of-network benefits are arbitrarily changed and rates are changed with no notice of any kind. The way this company conducts business is in no way helpful to clients and  all they ever do is leave you with a headache, your problem unresolved, and bills not covered, which leads to an inability to obtain the services needed from the specialists needed because you are now broke from paying the out-of-network rate, the OFN deductible, and on top of that they only cover 70% of the bill."  (Source.

                                                      More of the Same

1/20/2014                                            Happy Martin Luther King Day.
Martin Luther King, Jr., was the only 35 when he received the Nobel Peace Prize.
                            He is still the youngest man ever to receiver it.  He immediately turned over the
                            prize money of $54,123 to the American civil rights movement.  In April 1968, at the
                            age of only 29, Doctor King was assassinated in Memphis while
supporting striking
                            black sanitary public works employees. He sought to change the rules such as those
                            that allowed black street repairmen to receive pay for only two hours when they
                            were sent home because of bad weather, while white  employees were paid for the full day.
                            By 1967, King understood that fighting racism also meant fighting war, poverty
                            and materialism.  He understood that racism fostered the arrogance of power that
                            had enmeshed America into its War on Vietnam.  He understood that extremes
                            of wealth and poverty fostered mistrust, violence and still more racism.  King
                            confided to Harry Belefonte, “What deeply troubles me now is that for all the steps
                            we’ve taken toward integration, I’ve come to believe that we are integrating into a
                            burning house.”

                            How much good would come from getting Black folks fully integrated into
                            a power structure that promotes materialism and militarism?  What much
                            would be the good if new well-off Black folks raised their kids to be indifferent
                            to the suffering of Poor people in America?   Because of this,  he started
                            a Poor People's Campaign to bring all the races together! 

                            This the FBI and the Power Structure of the time could not tolerate. The Poor People's
                            Campaign wanted the federal government to prioritize helping the poor.  There
                            should be a $30 billion anti-poverty package.  It would include real commitment
                            to full employment.  The Government would provide Public Works jobs to those
                            who needed them.  There would be a guaranteed annual income.  More decent,
                            low-income housing would be built.  King demanded the ending of the war
                            overseas, 12000 miles away and the launching of a "bloodless war against
                            racism and poverty". 



                            Hoover, the head of the FBI, considered him to be "under the influence of Communists"
                            and the FBI worked very actively for ten years to discredit him in many, many ways. 
                            They spied and eavesdropped on him constantly.  They spread lies everywhere. 
                            They sought to entice him into extra-marital dalliances.  And in this they wasted millions
                            of dollars of tax payers' money, all with the Presidential support of JFK and LBJ.
                            Hoover was too powerful and knew too much to be challenged by an American
                            President.   Tomorrow I will listen hard to see if CNN mentions any of this.

              No resale application use without the prior permission of Time, Inc. Contact your local office to see if we can clear this image for you.

No doubt King threatened many in power, for he had the ear of a hundred million
                            Americans when he started connecting the dots of racism, war, poverty and materialism.
                            These evils are not only self-perpetuating and mutually inter-linked..  In the case of
                            materialism,   poverty and war, they are still spiraling around and around each other
                            faster and faster.

I think Dr. King would have understood very well the forces that caused
                            Congress last month not to vote the extension of  unemployment benefits to
                            7 million long-term unemployed Americans, but were pleased to continue
                             allow billionaires and corporations to be taxed effectively at a lower rate than
                             most working people making $25,000 a year. No doubt Dr. King
                             would have condemned the use of his name in a national holiday if the
                             government was merely trying to make it seem that "his Dream" was
                             believed in by those who run America.  Had he been allowed to live, he would
                             be relentlessly demanding an improvement in the living conditions for
                             the bottom tier in America at the expense of the very rich, instead of the
                             other way around, as has been the case since his death.

Share of Wealth held by the Top 1% in the United States, 1976-2010.

Top 1 percent
1976 19.9%
1979 20.5%
1981 24.8%
1983 30.9%
1986 31.9%
1989 35.7%
1992 37.2%
1995 38.5%
1998 38.1%
2001 33.4%
2004 34.3%
2007 34.6%

He would surely ask,

                           "Why must one seventh of the US population, 47 million people, live in
                            poverty so that 400 billionaires can have more wealth than half of the
                            entire population in the US?" 

                                          King's Populist Message Scared The Rich and Their Protectors.

                                     "All of the arbitrary power and lawless tactics that had accumulated in the bureau
                                      over the years were marshaled to destroy King's reputation and the movement
                                      he led. The FBI relied on its vague authority to investigate "subversives" to spy
                                      on King and SCLC; its vague authority to conduct warrantless wiretapping and
                                       microphonic surveillance to tap and bug him; its secrecy to conduct covert
                                       operations against him. The campaign began with his rise to leadership and
                                       grew more vicious as he reached the height of his power; it continued even
                                       after his assassination in 1968."

                            After Dr. King gave his famous "I have a Dream" speech, Americans everywhere listened
                            and millions applauded.   The FBI saw him as the enemy.  A memoranda to the director,
                            characterized his spech as "demagogic".  The presence of "200" Communists among
                            the 250,000 marchers caused the FBI's Intelligence Division to state that it had
                            underestimated Communist efforts and influence on American Negroes and the
                            civil rights movement. King was singled out:

                                        "He stands head and shoulders over all other Negro leaders put together
                                        when it comes to influencing great masses of Negroes. We must mark him now . . .
                                        as the most dangerous Negro
of the future in this Nation from the standpoint of
                                        Communism the Negro and national security."

                            Dr. King was awarded numerous honors in 1963.  But the Hoover and the FBI
                            did not change their antagonistic view.  They were determined to destroy his reputation
                            any way they could. See http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/NSA/Vendetta_MLK_LS.html

                                                Did The FBI have a hand in assassinating King?

From what I know personally of them, I think the FBI of that era was certainly stupid
                            enough to do something like this.  They certainly saw that JFK could be assassinated
                            without anyone getting to the bottom of that plot and they may have decided to
                            it was very feasible.  But who knows?  I think the point is that we have a national
                            police/security/eaves-dropping/intelligence (sic) apparatus that puts itself above
                            the people everywhere we look.  Certainly, Obama has done little to reign them in.

                                                        Websites That Suggest The FBI Was Part
                                                           of the Conspiracy That Killed Dr King.


                                 See also

11/8/2013                Democrats and Republicans Keep Sending Manufacturing
                      Jobs Overseas to The Delight of Big Corporations and Wall Street.

                       If Obama gets his way, NAFTA will be augmented with SHAFTA.

Neither party talks about how international free trade is destroying the American worker.
                The Economic Recovery consists mostly of low paying jobs.  Manufacturing jobs are
                still being sent overseas.  The evidence shows that Obama has quietly betrayed all the Union
                workers who campaigned for him.  The Democrats just love all those campaign contributions
                from Wall Street "fat cats" and will do nothing to jeopardaize them.   More than 5 million
               manufacturing jobs have disappeared since 2000.  2.7 million were lost to China.  Lots could
                be done, but Obama proposes absolutely nothing!   No wonder Wall Street keeps rising
                and Main Street USA continues to suffer.  Income and Wealth inequality have never been
                greater.   The numbers are worse now than in 1907 or in 1928 before severe stock market

           Decline in U.S. Manufacturing Jobs,
                 Feb. 2013 to Sept. 2013


All Employees in Manufacturing


















    Republicans Finally Denounce Tea Party Extremeism
                                           Up Goes The Stock Market

               Who did Speaker Boehner finally listen to?  The Koch Brothers, National
               Retail Association, National Federation of Inependent Businesses,
               US Chamber of Commerce, American Bankers Association and Wall Street.
               In unison, all these major sources of Republicans funding have denounced
               the Tea Party effort to shut down the government.   Only when they all started
               yelling at him, did the spineless Boehner agree to end the threat to shut down
               the government.  Within a day, all sorts of other Republicans themselves then started
               to denounc the Tea Party terrorists.
  Why?  Because polls show Republican
               approval ratings have now dropped below 25%.  Wall Street Journal/NBC gives
               Republicans a 24% approval rating. wpe1D.jpg (52780 bytes)
wpe1E.jpg (3075 bytes)

New 10/9/2013            Tea Party Desperation Is Making
               The Tea-Party Ideologes Do Dangerous and Crazy Things.

                    They know they are fighting Demographic trends.  In 10 years
                     they will be an insignificant minority.  And they know they
                     are alienating more and more of their own people with their
                     fire-brand extremeism.  This may be their last chance.

New 10/8/2013          Tea-Party Terrorists Now Threaten America
                      Just as Did Many of Their Ancestors in 1860.

                 Stop Them Now.  Do Not Assume They Do Not Mean
            What They Say.   That Is how The American Civil War Started.

wpe1D.jpg (6784 bytes)912 marches.jpg (17980 bytes)wpe1E.jpg (23581 bytes)

               They Are A Minority of racist, hot-head Extortionists, anti-democratic, would-be
               Secessionists.     Not for nothing are they called "Neo-Confederates".   They hate
               the 14th Amendment's egalitarianism.  They place their "peculiar" version of  
               "property rights" above "human rights".   And also just like the Slave-Owners
               who fired on Fort Sumter and started the American Civil War that caused 600,000
               young men to die, they saw their world was in rapid economic and political decline,
               so they were desperate and did not care who they hurt.

               Especially Abraham Lincoln Republicans should call this minority, the
               Neo-Confederate faction in the House of Repesentatives exactly what they are. 
               They are "terrorists".    Instead, the commercial media celebrates their "boldness"
               and "their spirit of independence".  They are lionized and their "books" promoted.

               Is this is another attempr at starting a new Civil War, at destroying the American
               Federal Government of wrecking the Economy.  Just as after the Civil War,

   when ex-slave-owners who fought the Union Army, were required to sign
               loyalty oaths and not allowed to run for public office, limits should now
               be imposed.  The 14th Amendment explicitly requires House members
               to work to ensure that all US Government debts are paid in full.   Instead,
               the Tea Party faction threatens to stop the US Government and bring
               about "Default" if they do not get their way, this time - that ObamaCare,
               the law of the land must be delayed by a year or they will put the US in default
               of its debts.  This is the Confederate's doctrine of nullification all over again.
               Always the Supreme Court has rejected it.
               We cannot ignore their threat.  It must be exposed and prevented.  They are not
               men of "good will" who modestly only seek to improve laws.  They threaten the
               "good faith and credit" of the entire country.  It seems they seek to destroy the
               US every bit as much as the Slave-Owners in Charleston did in 1861.
               They are terrorists who threaten the economic and political security of each
               American citizen.  They pose a deadly threat to the entire World Economy, too. 

               Do not the disasters they now threaten us with justify full force
               FBI counter-terrorism measures against them if they persist?.  

New 10/3/2013       The Tea Party's Dirty Little Secret 
       "Actually, it was Republican Presidents That Created Most of The National Debt."
         Cheney boasted "deficits do not matter". Bush knew if they squandered
          the national Treasury, they could always just blame the Democrats
          and the Commercial Media would let them get away with the lie.

                                                See Tiger Blog  3/1/2008
"Cheney's Buds Have Robbed The US Treasury Dry."
che.jpg (27991 bytes)

New 10/2/2013   
       Meet Mr. GerryMander 
John Boehner's House District Is Typical, but Hardly Exceptional. 
         "It looks like a fire-hydrant with a wrench sticking out".  It carefully avoids Dayton and the  industrial
         Cincinnati-Dayton corridor.    The US Senate's composition is bad enough.   How much longer can America
         survive such flagrantly anti-urban, anti-working class,  anti-consumer and anti-democratic government as
         the House of Representatives show?    Republican desperation lies at the heart of the ridiculous degree of
        gerrymandering now of House seats.  They are fighting many trends: demographics, urbanization and growing
        class consciousness in a country whose middle class is dwindling...

               Chronological Listing of Tiger Blogs on
   The Real US Political Economy and Stock Market since 2007     

     images.jpg (7382 bytes)
  Little Children Should Look Away. This Is Not A Pretty Picture.
       This is not what they teach you in Civics Class, Social Studies or Sunday School.
       Nearly everyone but Obama know that both Dems and Repubs are the puppets
       of the big bankers.  An extreme statement? The public comments about this
      overwhelmingly reflect the same cynicism I feel.

                             Why Is The Class Divide So Wide?

              The theme running through out most of the articles I've written here on
     is the growing contrast and contradiction between the bleak economic
     situation 100 million Americans ( "Main Street") are now in and the
     plush Political Economy of Wall Street.  Time Magazine has a timely lead
     article this week that put it bluntly, "How Wall Street Won."  

What exactly has Wall Street won under Obama?   For starters, nearly all the income gains
     since 2008 have gone to Wall Street and the highest corporate officials.  These huge gains
     did not go to Wall Street because they were smarter or more deserving.  Hell, they
     caused the ECONOMIC CRASH!  They were given to them by public policy makers.
     Here's my short list of the public policies since 2008 that made this possible.
     Robert Reich has an appropriate essay: "Why The Idea of  'Free Market' Is Total BS."   
     Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi's take on this is well worth reading, too.

            The forces that have made this divide so wide are well-entrenched and
     growing each the day.  It was not always like this.   Now the Super-rich
     are parasites.  They are consumed by Greed.  They are Traitors.  They
     eagerly create jobs overseas.  They pauperize Americans and then
     they accuse workers who want more balance in society of waging
    a "class war".   But they, these same super-rich, accuse the poor who
    work hard at two or three jobs of being "parasites" when they get food
    stamps to feed their family because they are paid so little in their non-union,
    non-benefit jobs.  Congress is "the best that Big Money can buy".  So is
    the Presidency.  So is the supine Supreme Court.  So is the monopolized
    mass media.  "Where is a poor boy to turn?"- that's a very good question.

  Once the stock market was a barometer of the national economy,  Under
     FDR, the rising stock market also meant the restoration of hope for a national
     economic recovery for all Americans.  Under Eisenhower, there was full employment,
     decent wages, fair taxation and a rising stock market, too.  

            Things have markedly changed for the worse. Now the stock market
     measures the degree of control that the super wealthy have over all of America.  
     But, it was not always - I emphasize - like this.  Once a rising stock market
     offered hope to millions and millions of Americans.

  A Rising Stock Market Once Meant Good Times for All Americans
                                   The "I Like IKE" Years Remembered.

                                                    (The next Blog)

     Would Eisenhower be a Republican now?  After the Korean War, from
     1953 to 1960 the stock market boomed.  But so did the middle class of America.
     There were construction jobs aplenty.  There were manufacturing jobs
     for anyone.  There were good unions who protected workers and made
     sure the productivity gains were widely distributed.  Taxes on the super
     wealth's income was as high as 91% for income amounts over a million. 
     The government was not a "barren whore" as libertarians say, it built the
     massive interstate highway system we use today.  And still the stock
     market boomed.
                               September 14, 1953    255.5
                               January 1, 1954          280.4     
                               January 1, 1955          488.4
                               January 1, 1956          499.5
                               January 1, 1957          435.7 (Sputnik scare)
                               January 1, 1958          583.7
                               January 1, 1959          679.3  +128% rise in the DJI.

wpe1B5.jpg (29415 bytes)  
     People have asked me to write a Daily Blog.   They wanted
    me to give them a thought or two each few day.  About what?     
   They let me decide.  As, I see it, a blog is a personal statement. 
   I will try to make it entertaining and relate it mostly to the
   stock market and insider trading.  As we look at the forces that
   effect stock prices, we are immediately drawn into
  "political economy", the study of choices governments make
   based, upon their biases and the pressures brought to bear
   on them.  Many of these choices are very one-sided and
   hurtful to the people I grew up with in the MidWest.  Many
   are highly offensive to my sense of compassion and honesty. 
   There are no "sacred cows" here.   I do promise to try not to
   belabor the obvious.

   So, I hope these thoughts, reflections and finds are worth your time. 
   I will give you my best
   In return, I ask that you ask me
   first before you publish on the internet or elsewhere what
   I offer here.  Email me at  william_schmidt@hotmail.com

   About me and my 31 years's work, TigerSoft

           The Real US Political Economy vs Wall Street's Stock Market

                                                     The tragedy:
- American Income and Wealth Inequality are now much worse than in 1928. 
- The wholesale exporting of US manufacturing jobs amounts to treason and should be considered criminal.
- Neither political party recognizes, much less has solutions to reverse, the decline in good paying manufacturing jobs.
- To blame the poor who are the victims of this failing economic and political system is hypocritical,  arrogant and ignorant.
- The US Government wastes trillions on tragically misguided foreign wars and bases that should be used here at home..
- Sadly, Wall Street has been the best place to make a lot of money.  Yet it produces little and causes these perverted priorities.
- The lack of regulation of Wall Street will surely produce another Bubble and Crash.   So be prepared.  Use TigerSoft.

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      NEW 9/8/2013  Financial Parasitism:
  It Is Not Accidental that Wall Street Is Booming
                       while Main Street Is in Survival Mode.


           Howell County's first National Register sites -- newly rehabbed thanks to the state's Historic Preservation Tax Credit program!Howell County's first National Register sites -- newly rehabbed thanks to the state's Historic Preservation Tax Credit program!Howell County's first National Register sites -- newly rehabbed thanks to the state's Historic Preservation Tax Credit program! 2013

NEW 9/13/2013
   >>> Obama as Puppet of Wall Street

            Populist Rhetoric notwithstanding,
       Obama Does What Wall Street Tells Him To Do.

  Despite all his populist rhetoric, for 4 1/2 years Obama and the FED have given
                     Wall Street nearly everything it wanted and wants.  In return, Wall Street has
                     agreed to use its powerful computerized program trading tools to pump the
                     market up and limit the short selling they used in 2008 to drive the stock
                     market.   The low trading volume shows this.    Program trading by firms like
                     Goldman, JPMorgan and Bank of America (through Merrill Lynch) push prices
                     up and up.  

                     Because the public is absolutely traumatized, mistrustful and dangerously
                     pauperized, they have mostly avoided the stock market until 2013, just in
                     time for what may be a market top after rising 55 months!

                     The public and some institutions have have not appreciated the power of computerized
                     Wall Street manipulation of prices upward backed up by Fed guarantees that
                     interest rates will stay low. 
These Wall Street big bank traders are safely
                     backstopped AND also bankrolled by the U.S. FED.   And Obama does not challenge them.
                     There is no Administrative drive to limit the power of the Big Banks, to break
                     them up, to tax their computerized trading or their millions and millions in
                     profits. E

       President Obama has recklessly and cynically gambled that a rising stock
                     market will eventually inflate the wealthy's bank accounts so much
                     that they will start spending their profits and that will boost business
                     and job creation.  Because so much money goes into hyper-specualtion
                     and goes overseas, Obama's trickle-down gamble is not paying off.  The
                     new jobs in the US are not good-paying manufacturing jobs.  they are
                     mostly very low paying, non-union services jobs in places like Walmart
                     and in fast-food restaurants.   Without good jobs, 100 million Americans
                     are poor consumers.  Without a big consumer base, corporations have
                     one more reason to invest overseas.  There is no loyalty on Wall Street
                     or among most big corporations to America.  At the same time, the Wall
                     Street bubble of speculation and over-production will eventually crash
                     the stock market.

Tiger Blogs on this subject: 
   Professionals Now Rig Stock Prices Upwards with Extra Fed Help 
April 9, 2010    The Power Elite's Biggest Gamble of All.  They Cannot Afford to Lose.
                                That's Why The Market Looks Like It Will Keep Rallying

April 4, 2010   Why The Stock Market Keeps Rallying:
                            The Secret Deal Obama, The Fed and Wall Street Have Reached.

April 9, 2009   Goldman Sachs Is "The GREED CONNECTION" between Wall Street and

    April 25, 2009      Massive Federal Reserve Fraud and Corruption Story Breaking.. 
                            Bernanke Covers Up Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in Losses
                            from Bad Loans The Fed Made To Banks Using Toxic Collateral.

  March 23, 2009       Monopoly Finance Obama Obama's Biggest Wall Street Contributors Fleeced
                           Shareholders on The Way Down And Now Will Fleece Taxpayers on The Way Up.                      

    March 25, 2009    Why Is The Stock Market Rallying?  Wall Street Now Sees That Obama's
                          Populist Rhetoric Is Designed To Fool The Angry Public Obama Is Signaling Wall Street
                          He Will Protect Them

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