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by William Schmidt, Ph.D.  
            Tea Party Desperation:
         Why The Tea-Party Ideologes Do
           Dangerous and Crazy Things.

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Tea Party Desperation Is Making
     The Tea-Party Ideologes Do Dangerous and Crazy Things.

                                                by William Schmidt, Ph.D.       

                              The Tea Party terrorists are proposing a blatant violation of the
                              14th Amendment, which states that “the validity of the public debt
                              of the United States, authorized by law” is sacrosanct and
                             “shall not be questioned.”    The 1868 Republican Party platform even
                              stated that “national honor requires the payment of the public indebtedness
                              in the utmost good faith to all creditors at home and abroad.” 
                              further stated than any repudiation of the debt would be “a national crime.”
                              In 1935, Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, ruling in the case of Perry v.
                              the United States, revisited the amendment and affirmed the “fundamental principle”
                              that Congress may not “alter or destroy” debts already incurred.

                              Surely, the refusing to raise the debt limit is a repudiation national debt.
                              Lincoln used Emergency Powers on far weaker Constitutional
                              grounds to avert crises.  Obama, the so-called Constitutional scholar,
                              has said he would not use the 14th Amendment to raise the Debt Limit
                              and pay bills already authorized by Congress.  But he may change his mind
                              when he sees how bad things quickly get when the US Government
                              defaults.    (Source.)

                            There is no telling how obdurate the 66-strong Tea-Party faction will be
                            in the House of Representatives and the Senate.  They are desperate and
                            dangerous.     Their anger and frustration go way beyond ObamaCare.

                            If they really feel that ObamaCare will fail and that was truly their big concern,
                            I would think they would publicize their exact concerns about it now.  And if they
                            come true next year, as they believe, tell the voters how right they were and
                            use this in the next election to show how smart and far-sighted they were
                            when ObamaCare fails.

                            That they do not this makes me think that they have another objective.
                            Based on what many of their ancestors did in 1860, I believe it is to break up
                            the Government and destroy it, so that entire regions can secede, or change the
                            Constitution into a loose Confederation.   Make no mistake about it, these
                            T-Party Congress-people are very alienated.  Many are outspoken secessionists.

                            Like me, they are angry that the Big Bankers got bailed out in 2008-2009,
                            while Main Street got one insignificantly small Treasury check supposedly to jump-start
                            spending.     But the Tea-Party Demagogues lie and tell their supporters
                            that it was Democratic Presidents who made the Federal deficit so large now.

                            Without ample chance to hear the real truth about this in rural America,
                            where right-wing talk Radio has such a monopoly of the views they hear
                            driving around or reading the local newspaper,  they naturally gave
                            their votes to Republican Presidents like George Bush and Cheney
                            who then wasted trillions on a war built on lies, all the while knowing that
                            once this money was spent, they could and would blame Democrats for
                            being the big-spenders.

                            The Rural vs Urban clash is as much cultural as economic.  The Tea-Party
                            House Republican faction heavily represents rural areas.  Look at where they
                            come from. The people on the farms and the little towns in America see things
                            going down-hill.  Commodity prices are falling just like in the 1920s
                            but the prices they pay for finished goods are rising.  They want a change. 
                            Their kids are leaving town for the cities.   Their small towns are dying. 
                            Listen to
Alan Jackson's song "Little Man". and Arlo Guthrie /City of New Orleans.

                            Rural Christian religious views clash sharply with Urban values of agnosticism and
                            tolerance.    Guns are needed in rural areas but are quite dangerous in the cities.
                            Downtown City People everyday see hundreds of homeless people.  Rural
                            people do not.  City People are more apt to appreciate the need for a safety net
                            especially when Jobs are scarce, pay is so low and rents are so high.
                            They realize that they may lose their job, too; that they may someday
                            be in the same position as the unshaven homeless man on the bench with a sign asking
                            for a hand-out. 
                            So, the Tea-Party People are angry and their views are very different than
                            City People on many isses.  But worse than that, Tea-Party people are desperate.
                            And worse, still, they see how Demographics are working against them. 
                            In another ten or twenty years, they will be less than 15% of the US
                            population.    No amount of Gerrymandering can save the day politically
                            then.    It is only a matter of time, before urban voters even in the South
                            reduce these Tea-Party's voters' numbers to a point where they are powerless. 
                            The big backers of the Tea Party like the Koch Brothers clearly see this
                            bleak future, too.   They believe, now is the best time to try to stop the
                            Urban and therefore Blue tide.


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