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                 Classic Cases of Pump and Dump
                     in Stock Market

                             Trusting What CEOs and Wall Streeters Say
                         Is Very Risky To Your Financial Health.

                           TigerSoft Is Your Best Protection against
                                  "Pumping and Dumping." 


                            by William Schmidt, Ph.D.   (Columbia University) ...
                      Inventor of TigerSoft Insider Trading Detection Saoftware.

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                                           ARWR 2013 - $2 to $13.
ARWRBEG.BMP (972054 bytes)

                                          ARWR 2014 -
$13 to $26 to $6.

ARWR.BMP (912114 bytes)

                        At TigerSoft, we had no special pr insider knowledge about these
                 pump and dump situations, but by watching the activity of insiders
                 and professionals on our Tiger charts, we can see when they are buying
                 and then when they shift to selling.  That's what we offer Hotmail
                 subscribers and TigerSoft purchasers.

                       The subject of "pump and dump" should be required reading for
                 anyone trading in stocks.  Unfamiliar low priced stocks are not the
                 only stocks that are manipulated.  The biggest and most well-known
                 stocks are constantly under the pressure of those trying to drive
                 the stock up or down with their recommendations and opinions.
                 The same lessons we learn about spotting low priced "pump and  dump"
                 stocks applies to our technical tools for all stocks and commodities.

                       See the case of Arrowhead Research, as a place to start.

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