wpe50.jpg (1913 bytes)                                How To Find Explosive Super Stocks
                               Using TigerSoft's Technical Indicators and Its Accumulation Index.

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                           What Bear Market?
                               TigerSoft's Power-Ranker Has Found
                                       Lots of Superb Longs Recently.

                                The Trick Is To Look for Insider Buying,
                           as Measured By TigerSoft's Accumulation Index

                    Find Out How To Pick Stocks Like The Ones below.
        How To Pick Explosive Super Stocks Early On.
                              And also, how to not over-stay the party!

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                            What Bear Market?
                            TigerSoft's Power-Ranker Has Found
                                         Lots of Superb Longs.

                            11 stocks today made new highs and were up more than 200% over the last 100
                        trading days.  All had major Buys and all but two had either very intense insider buying
                        (Accum Index over +.50)  or showed steady high Accumulation (over +.25) for several
                        months just as the stock started to rise.

                                                     What We Look For.
                             A Stock about To Quintuple

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                          If you're looking at this and do not have out Tiger-Power-Ranker Software and our
                        books on spotting insider accumulation and distribution, you're missing out on what many think
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                                                  4/14/2008 Best Performing Stocks of   The Last Twelve Months
                                                 12/31/2008 Best Performing Stocks of 2007.
                                                                        Many earlier studies.

                                     MXC +1009%
               wpeF7.jpg (61200 bytes)    
                                         PDO +861%
wpe115.jpg (56861 bytes)

                                             JRCC + 452%
wpe126.jpg (58050 bytes)
                                                 PCX +323%
wpe128.jpg (54737 bytes)
                              ROYL + 281%
wpe129.jpg (51489 bytes)
                             CWEI + 244%
wpe12A.jpg (58219 bytes)
                             SQM + 239%
wpe12C.jpg (58287 bytes)
                                      ENER +226%

wpe12D.jpg (60316 bytes)
                                        GDP +225%
wpe12E.jpg (61205 bytes)
                                        ANR + 215%

wpe12F.jpg (59025 bytes)

                                          CLR + 211%

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