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                  IN GOLDMAN SACHS

  Geithner, Bernanke and Paulsen Are on The Congressional Hot Seat.

        They SIMPLY Gave $60 Billion To The World's Biggest Banks.

       Then, Geithner's NY Fed Tried to Conceal This from The Public.


by William Schmidt, Ph.D. - Author of TigerSoft 

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by William Schmidt, Ph.D. 

  In September 2008, the NY Fed Chairman, Tim Geithner gave
                          Goldman Sachs $13 Billion of
Your Money and then, worse, tried hard
                          to cover it up.  Unlike with General Motors creditors, when it went  bankrupt,
                          AIG's creditors, all big banks, were paid 100 cents on the Dollar,
                          on Geithner's and/or Fed Chairman Bernanke's instructions, on their
                          massive AIG debts.   Fully knowing this was wrong, one of them
                          instructed AIG NOT to tell the public what he had arranged.  Clearly,
                          Geithner did not want the taxpayer payment to Goldman of such
                          a large amount to come out at his nomination hearings as Treasury Secretary. 

                                    Now old emails clearly show Geithner's NY Fed tried to prevent
                         AIG from telling anyone where $60 billion of taxpayer money was going
                         in these "counter-party" payments, where AIG was merely a vessel through
                         which the taxpayers gave vast sums to big banks, domestic and foreign.
                         Geithner claims no knowledge of this.  Sure?!  Bernanke claims no
                         knowledge, too.  How can anyone believe these FED leaders.  They
                         represent the interests of bankers, who pick all the members of the Fed
                         except the Chairman.  The FED is a private institution with immense powers.
                         But it fights to not disclose who got what, when and why or what they did
                         with the all the bailout money.

                                   FInally, a day before Bernanke's confirmation vote, Geithner has
                         been subpoenaed by Congress to explain why he should not now be charged
                         with criminal corruption, securities fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice. 
                         He testifies this Wednesday, the 27th.  Stay tuned! 

                                  The stock of the chief beneficary of Geithner's generosity with your money,
                         Goldman Sachs, looks very vulnerable, viewing all their insiders' selling of
                        GS stock. The rats are leaving a sinking ship.

                                 TigerSoft got the whole story right nearly a year ago.   Backed by Obama,
                        Geithner, Summers and Bernanke, and by fixing stock price movements
                        and greedily front-running their own customers with a bankroll of $25 Billion
                        provided by taxpayers,  Goldman Sachs made many tens of billions in profits
                       in last year's bull market, even after paying each employee an average bonus
                       of more than $600,000.  Small wonder Goldman's stock doubled in 2009.

Without waiting to see the evidence, Obama said again today he fully
                      supports Treasury Secretary Geithner.  Has Obama again sold out his
                      progressive and populist supporters?  Is he all rhetoric and no backbone. 
                     Is he so dumb that he thinks he can still fool us?  Study the details. 
                      It is hard not to reach the conclusion, "You Betcha!"  The rush to confirm
                      Bernanke before all the information is about about the $60 Billion gifts
                      to big banks and the ensuing coverup shows how thoroughly corrupt
                      Washington has become.  But the truth will out!  And we will report it!

Why Insiders Expected Goldman To Double in 2009

Goldman Sachs Chart - 2008-2009 - Paulsen and the US Taxpayers saved GS from bankruptcy.
                    The bankrupting of their main competitors, the $10 Billion Bailout from Paulsen and the $13 Billion
                    AIG "counter-party" gift from Geithner in November 2008, allowed them to make more than $25
                    billion in profits, $6 billion in the last quarter, while still paying almost as much in bonuses.
                    Most of their profits were short-term trading profits, which they achieved by manipulating
                    markets, by front-running their own clients and by being the ultimate insiders because of
                   all the well-placed Goldman people in government.  Examples: Geithner's chief of staff was
                   Goldman's chief lobbyist.  The chief government commodity regulator came from Goldman.
                   Obama's Chief Economic Advisor took tens of thousands of dollars from Goldman right
                   in the middle of Obama's campaign.  Geithner's successor as head of the NY Fed was also a
                   Goldman "greeder".  And let's not forget GS's hefty sway over the corporate media, especially
                   the stock market channel. CNBC.

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  Why Insiders Expected Goldman To Drop in 2010

                               Now Goldman's stock now looks very vulnerable technically. It should be!
                        Goldman insiders are selling, not buying, now.  A lot of bad news is coming
                        out.    It may well be charged with massive fraud and frequent insider trading/
                        Goldman's well-placed friends may be run out of office.  An angry populist
                        mob of millions of outsiders want redress NOW.  It has taken nearly a year
                        for this story of fraud and corruption on a gargantuan scale to unfold.  But it
                        will.    Paulsen, Geithner and Goldman Sachs make Madoff and the Mafiosa
                        look like rank amateurs.  See the details:                          .

April 9, 2009   Goldman Sachs Is "The GREED CONNECTION" between Wall Street and Washington
                        GS Stock Keeps Rising:  What's The Lesson?: When You've Got The President As A Tool.

Goldman Sachs Insider Purchases - Last 6 Months, 1/25/2010

                                                                                    Purchases    ZERO
                                                                    Goldman Insider Sales           338,989 shares
                                                                    Institutional Net Sales        16,584,200 shares      
                                                               ( http://finance.yahoo.com/q/it?s=GS )

                      Our TigerSoft chart shows this heavy insider selling and public buying. 
                       See the TigerSoft chart below. 

     Goldman Sachs Chart - 2009-20010-
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                           Key Question - Why Did Bernanke, Paulsen
                      and Geithner Honor AIG Debts To Goldman and Others
                        and Why Did They Do So 100 cents on the Dollar.    

          "(There is considerable speculation that Goldman's hedges against
       their AIG exposure would not have paid out if AIG was allowed to fail.
       According to a report by the United States Office of the Inspector General
       of TARP, if AIG had collapsed, it would have made it difficult for Goldman
       to liquidate its trading positions with AIG, even at discounts, and it also would
       have put pressure on other counterparties that "might have made it difficult
       for Goldman Sachs to collect on the credit protection it had purchased
       against an AIG default."[1] Finally, the report said, an AIG default would have
       forced Goldman Sachs to bear the risk of declines in the value of billions
       of dollars in collateralized debt obligations.                           
       (see - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldman_Sachs )

Another Key Question - Why Are Credit Default Swaps Legal?
         And if They Were Not Legal, Why Did The US Goverbment Honor Them

         Many states banned them.  To write an insurance policy against a calamity
         that an insurance company could not possibly pay is FRAUD!  Because
         there was no regulation of them, no agency insured that the company
         would ever have the assets to pay the potential losses in the event of
         of a financial melt-down.
"If actuaries had been the ones evaluating AIG's insurance premiums
                      for their Credit Default Swap business line, the business would have been
                      shut down instantly as being the equivalent of a fly-by night operator
                      under-collecting premiums in an unsustainable fashion, and that furthermore
                      was insufficiently capitalized to absorb the losses potentially embedded
                      in their product line, and because of both, woud have rightly concluded
                      that AIG was therefore endangering the stability of the entire insurance system."  

http://open.salon.com/blog/don_rich/2009/03/17/aig_goldman_sachs_and_the_real_scandalcredit_default_swaps   )        
         Credit default swaps (CDS) were never regulated at the Federal Level.  This
         was not accidental.  Goldman people working in the Government at every level
         and in every financial agency sought de-regulation generally and CDS in particular.

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